With this new timepiece, Finland based Independent watchmaker SARPANEVA takes us to the worlds of astronomy and astrology, legend and belief. According to astronomy, the term black moon refers to an additional new moon that appears in a month or in a season.

For many centuries, the multifaceted personality of the Black Moon has inspired, confounded and even terrified. For example, Lilith, a mythical figure mentioned in the ancient Sumerian texts dating from 3000 BC, was associated with the Black Moon.

The KORONA K3 BLACK MOON is the first watch created that indicates the New Moon, whereas all other moonphase watches show the Full Moon. Inspired by the darkest days of the Finnish winter, the KORONA K3 BLACK MOON shows that only darkness can lead to light.


The KORONA K3 BLACK MOON is a special edition, created in a limited series of 20 pieces worldwide. Each watch is also accompanied by a limited edition book “Black is the Moon” available only with each of the 20 watches produced.

The book – signed and numbered by Stepan Sarpaneva – is a poem based on the legendary story of the Black Moon and Lilith, animated with the addition of 8 striking black and white illustrations, printed on exclusive uncoated white paper in a French style folded binding, a black leather hardcover and a dust jacket.

This bibliophile limited edition was printed and hand-bound by candlelight during the darkness of the Finnish winter months.

The KORONA K3 BLACK MOON watch is available directly from the Sarpaneva workshop in Helsinki.