Launched in 2006, TX watches is a fusion of American innovation, German engineering and Italian design creating uncompromisingly unique timepieces. Designed for those with an adventurous spirit, the barrier breaking technology found in its patented proprietary movements combine with intuitive, user-friendly design to push the limits of time.

The TX Watch collection is a dynamic fusion of time, form and function, with each series combining precisely engineered instrumentation with uncompromising style.

Evoking a spirit of optimum performance and authenticity, TX watches simplify time management for the world traveler and those who aspire to be.

Developed for over five years, TX is a synthesis of technology and design creating a platform unique to the industry and as individual as the collection itself. From the most accurate ever Perpetual Weekly Calendar, to the revolutionary vertical hand of the Linear Chronograph, TX offers patented proprietary movements unavailable anywhere else in the world. Each timepiece contains four motors, operating independently of each other. One motor drives the hour, minute and second hands, while three bi-directional motors are dedicated to the additional functions.

Combined with visionary design, the result is precise, innovative and reliable technology that is easy to use. TX watches feature superior quality materials including premium sapphire crystals, sculpted dials, finely crafted hands, supreme leathers, precisely etched case backs and intricately molded crowns.

Callanen International, a Timex Group company, is a Norwalk, CT based company that holds the global license for Nautica and Marc Ecko watches and is also the manufacturer of TX watches. Founded in 1983, Callanen International designs, manufactures and distributes these three watch brands in over 70 countries worldwide.

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