KRIËGER Watches Announces Its Participation at Baselworld 2009

KRIËGER Watch Corporation, a manufacturer of Swiss Made watches, celebrates over 20 years of watch making. KRIËGER’s success stems from philosophy and innovation of producing the most remarkable timepieces that combine highly functional design with distinctive style and long lasting performance.

Known as one of the most recognized and trusted names in the luxury lifestyle timepiece and jewelry market worldwide, KRIËGER announces its participation at the Basel Fair March 26-April 2, 2009. As KRIËGER Watches have risen to become the timepiece of choice for celebrities, athletes, fashionistas and high level executives, there is no other place to showcase these one-of-a-kind timepieces than BaselWorld 2009.

The KRIËGER Collection offers various savvy styles such as the Gigantium, Chronoscope and Power Reserve as well as its famed 20-year-old Tide Watch. The product lines feature endless options for personalization through interchangeable wristbands, dials, and various precious metals including diamond-encrusted models.

KRIËGER Chronograph
Featuring a contemporary design with a fashion forward sensibility, the KRIËGER Chronograph collection further establishes Krieger as innovators in the industry as the first to certify the new ETA AO7 automatic movement for this timepiece

KRIËGER Power Reserve
The watch takes the look and feel of the popular Krieger Gigantium collection to the next level adding a Reserve de Marche meter and fly back movement

KRIËGER’s Elite and Gigantium
See the latest color dial and strap combinations for these popular collections including the new carbon fiber dial

KRIËGER Tidal Wave Chronoscope
The watch that launched the KRIËGER watch company. Krieger will celebrate its 20th Anniversary collection at BaselWorld

KRIËGER Skeleton Skeleton
Krieger Watch continues the journey with a limited edition Skeleton Skeleton. Manufacturing only 4 timepieces per month, Krieger Watch puts the dial name to reality with a hand carved, unique movement representing human bones. The architecture of this distinctive timepiece reflects a skull as well as 3 dimensional human bones in the shape of K, like Krieger.

KRIËGER Plethora
A new endeavor for the Krieger brand, the Plethora series has truly taken the talent of artist Jona Cerwinski to a different level. With names such as Gold Leaf, Black Diamond Lotus, Erosion, Graffiti Lace and Berries to identify each type of art rendering on the dial Cerwinske has astonished the art world with his ability to turn beautiful watch into exceptional pieces of art.

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