Founded by René Attias, NAVITEC brand creates aviator chronograph watches and onboard timing instruments. NAVITEC timepieces are designed in Paris and manufactured in Switzerland.

Since the beginning of time, humans have attempted to measure both time and distance to establish their location. The greatest scientists have not stopped refining navigation and measurement instruments. This is what brought about the invention of the sundial, the hourglass, the compass, the quadrant, the calliper, the sextant, the astrolabe and many, many more. Great inventors like Leonardo De Vinci were motivated by a passion to invent new instruments.

Refining their techniques, maritime explorers continued to invent tools, improving their stability with radar, sonar and GPS. The advent of aeronautics also increased the need to systematise these measurement methods, since navigating in the air required new reference points.

Driven by this same passion, René Attias dedicated himself to researching continually more elaborate tools to make aeronautic calculations, among other things, even easier. Early on, René Attias began designing pilot watches, combining his know-how as a watchmaking-designer to his second passion: aviation.

Attias received his Pilot’s certification in 1975, his professional pilot’s license in 1980 and then attained Instructor status in 1986; he understands the difficulties of navigation which might be encountered during flight. So it is completely natural that he created onboard chronographs, instruments designed to facilitate reading flight time.

Among the various instruments which contribute to improving pilot conditions, the patented graduated bezels which come integrated in a René Attias watch have contributed, in a certain way, to simplifying navigation for personal aviation. René Attias understood quite quickly that France needed to compete where it was unrivalled: creative design.

An essential criteria of the 1970s and 80s when it was important to keep ahead of counterfeiters by continually releasing new models which could then inject dynamism into “French watchmaking fashion” through their enthusiasm, harmony and colours, while maintaining the technical reliability needed to reassure consumers.

Beginning in 1980, René Attias revolutionised the industry by introducing watches in bright colours and outsized dimensions. He was one of the first, for example, to design large chronographs for women as well as the first watches done completely in turquoise, black, white, red, etc…

In 1988, he received the “Nef d’Or”, an award from the Minister of Commerce and Industry, recognising his talent and dynamism in service to exports.

Recognised as a standard for professional pilots, pilot watches must also be stylish and therefore benefit from an exceptional design. “A plane flies better when it is beautiful”. A maxim turned into a priority when his son David Attias, motivated by the same passions as his father, joined the team. Together, they decided to transform NAVITEC navigation Chronographs into a nearly sacred work of art.

And so they created the “Tango Charlie” line: a line specially calculated to astonish the general consumer with its design, while still satisfying the technical requirements of professional pilots. These distinguished watches are endowed with the functions which made NAVITEC a successful onboard watch, including the brand’s famous interchangeable graduated technical bezel. Navitec chronographs leave their mark with an innovative style and seduce through their variety of functions.

René Attias’ signature is famous in the watchmaking industry. In 1974, he was involved in the creation of Younger & Bresson, then in the relaunch of several renowned brands until he finally founded his own brand, Kamatz, in 1975. His passion for the industry would lead him to eventually acquire a watchmaking factory in the Haut Doubs region. This would enable him to later construct his own tailor-made machinery, and thus respond to the criteria of quality and originality needed not only for his own brand but for his private clients.

Because René Attias also extends his expertise to “private labels”, for which he produces exclusive, custom-made timepieces. Today, Attias wishes to go even further and increase his expertise with a luxury collection representing the culmination of thirty continuous years of experience in manufacture, design and aviation.

The Navitec brand was registered in 2001. Just barely a year later, a ministry directive requiring all pleasure aircraft to carry an onboard watch significantly increased the demand for onboard chronographs. The T1 was born.

This surge gave wings to Navitec and its founder René Attias. Joined by his son David, his goal is to seduce the general public with an unprecedented collection, founded on aeronautical functions but which also integrate a novel design approach. Today, through their shared motivation, Navitec’s chronograph collection has attained a consistency appreciated by true pilots as well as passionate enthusiasts of watchmaking.


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