Bathys Hawaii Benthic-Ti Limited Edition

With an eye more towards function rather than fashion, Bathys Hawaii will present their newest dive watch, the Benthic-Ti, at Baselworld 2009.

This 48mm, all titanium timepiece features a large date display, retrograde day, and a rotating bezel for timing dives. As is the case for all of the watches from this brand, the design is simple and utilitarian, with 200M water resistance and a highly legible, luminous dial.
Bathys Hawaii Benthic-Ti Limited Edition watchThe case, including the crown, buckle, and even the internal movement ring, are constructed entirely from Grade 5 titanium – the same alloy used to make jet engine turbines.

The dial is protected from the outside world by a massive 3.8mm sapphire monocrystal which is slightly domed and internally anti-reflection coated for maximum visibility with less chance of producing bright reflections that might be undesirable for certain operations.
Bathys Hawaii Benthic-Ti Limited Edition
The Benthic-Ti will be hitting stores right as Baselworld begins in late March and will retail for $995. The watch will be made in a limited edition of 1000, and each watch is individually numbered (0001/1000).

There are three versions of this new timepiece – one with a matte black dial, one with a brushed bronze dial, and one with a genuine carbon fiber dial. Each watch comes with both a waterproof leather strap and a 24mm rubber divers strap.
Bathys Hawaii Benthic-Ti Limited EditionThe Benthic Ti comes packed in a new Emergency Orange Pelican 1130 waterproof case and is covered by Bathys Hawaii’s 2-year warranty.

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