Based in Switzerland, Quinting is the first and unique manufacture in the world to create transparent watches.

In 1993, five Swiss engineers fascinated by watches have decided to combine their knowledge and expertise to try to create the unimaginable: to create a chronograph totally transparent. One of whom was Pascal Berclaz, a Researches Engineer and current President of Quinting. The challenge was launched; the craziest adventure of the watchmaking history has begun to start. They created in Geneva the Quinting Manufacture. Their investigation fields have been varied and were not only limited to the area of watchmaking, but have also covered the automobile, aeronautical or optical industries, to penetrate the mystery of the transparency.

Quinting belongs to the elite of watchmaking, to the very small circle of watch brands which produce their own movement and which own therefore the status of watchmaking Manufacture. Indeed, it is until now the only one in the world which was able to develop and patent a totally revolutionary movement made up of transparent sapphires, impossible to copy. All the components of this movement are especially realised for Quinting and are assembled by hands, in accordance with the purest Swiss watchmaking tradition in its manufacture of St Blaise, near Neuchatel in Switzerland.

Since its creation, Quinting has always pushed back the limits of the possible, exploring constantly territories which have been always considered by the high watchmaking world unattainable. Combining the traditional Swiss know-how of watch making to the expertise of leading edge technology, the Quinting watches bear no similarity to other watches and are worn by the most well known personalities of the world like Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin or the members of the Swiss Government.

First and unique manufacture in the world to create transparent watches, the story of Quinting is a succession of technological challenges won one by one to continue growing the dream and reach the ultimate perfection.

Here are some world firsts from Quinting:-

  • Creation of the first and unique 100% transparent movement in the world
  • Creation of the first and unique chronograph in the world with a sapphire movement
  • Creation of the first and unique movement in the world with counter balancing forces.

Quinting belongs to the very small circle of Swiss Manufactures which produce their own movement. The Quinting movement is the only one in the world totally transparent, this means it doesn’t let appear any mechanism or part of it. Many brands have launched some ‘skeleton watches’ or some ‘bridge watches’ but Quinting remains the only brand which has succeed to create an entirely transparent watch, which is composed of sapphire discs.

The principle of the sapphire movement is based on the superposition of stationary and mobile discs of sapphires. The use of the sapphire as basis material of the movement assures the non-reproduction of Quinting-watches. Indeed the great pureness of the sapphire remains an indispensable condition to the creation of the movement, and that is the reason why Quinting is supplied exclusively by precious stones sellers.

Moreover, the process of sapphire assembling remains a very complicated step which needs some particular machine-tool realized on measure for the brand. On the other hand, the production of Quinting movements requires a very high qualified personal: an already experimented watchmaker needs to be especially trained for 2 years before being able to create Quinting’s movement.


1999: 7 years of research and development have been necessary to take up the challenge and in 1999; the first prototype of a chronograph totally transparent with a sapphire movement, unique in the world was created. This feat was immediately awarded by the prestigious “Official Price of the watches Review’.

2000: Launch of the first Quinting watches on the Market A last reef has need to get over for this very new company, to pass from the prototype to the production of this incredible watch, its components were totally different of those of a traditional watch, and required to be made to measure by retailers external to the classical watchmaking world. This critical step has been surpassed with success through the impetus given by Pascal Berclaz, actual President of Quinting and the first watches Quinting appeared on the watchmaking market in 2000.

2008: The year 2008 has been a decisive turning point for the manufacture Quinting which has succeeded in only a dozen of years to impose itself among the most prestigious watchmaking brands. To continue its development, the Manufacture has increased its shares capital in August 2008 by putting on the market some shares with a value of 10 Swiss francs whereas its value was of 1 Swiss franc in 2001. Its models are sold today in more 25 countries all over the world, from the Asian countries, to the Arabic ones without forgetting the United States and the Europe.

Contact details

Manufacture D’Horlogerie Quinting
Chemin Clos Belmont 2 – 1208 GENEVE
Website: http://www.quinting-watches.com

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