The 1911 trilogy is now complete with the introduction of the new 1911 TEKTON: the most daring, conceptual and cutting-edge men’s watch in the entire Ebel collection – and above all the most engineered. All 1911 TEKTON models are powered exclusively by COSC-certified Ebel proprietary movements.

Named after the Greek root of the word architect – architekton, which literally means chief (archi) of construction (tekton) – this iconic new 1911 TEKTON line fully lives up to its noble inspiration. As the most meticulously constructed piece within the entire Ebel collection, it embodies the quintessence of the horological expertise, sophisticated design and finishing details cultivated by the Architects of Time.

Powered by Ebel CALIBER 137
The 1911 Tekton Caliber 137 is available in two versions combining steel and black rubber: one with a silver-colored dial and technofiber strap – an ultra-rugged material used in high-tech sports apparel; and the other, fitted with a black dial and matching black profiled rubber strap, exuding an even more masculine and assertive appeal. Representing the very essence of the range and depth of brand know-how, the Ebel Caliber 137 called for five years of development before it emerged from the company workshops in 1995.

This sophisticated and exclusive automatic chronograph movement is based on a fascinating principle: instead of “bolting” a chronograph movement onto an automatic movement, its 322 components are integrated in parallel. This construction results in a slender movement able to power the hour and minute hands, chronograph seconds, date display, as well as 60- second, 30-minute and 12-hour counters.

Powered by Ebel CALIBER 139
The distinctive and elegant aesthetic of this model features a galvanic black skeleton dial enhanced by a slender circular motif. This three-dimensional, split-level construction reveals a finely circular-grained bridge and several mechanisms that are rarely visible – including the three-arm red chronograph minute hand and the three-arm black seconds hand at 9 o’clock. The Caliber 139 is the brand’s 2nd proprietary caliber, created and launched by Ebel in 2005.

Starting from the fact that regular counters on automatic chronographs were generally too small to ensure fast and accurate legibility of the elapsed time, Ebel watchmakers worked on a new architecture of the chronograph display functions on the basis of the highly reliable Ebel Caliber 137. The result is a 120° register displaying the chronograph minute hand in an optimally readable manner compared with regular chronograph sub-dials. Consistent with the minute display, the chronograph hour display was also revised: the hand was replaced with a disc graduated from 1 to 12 that turns beneath the dial and precisely indicates the hour in progress through an aperture.

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