Bremont “Supermarine 500”

2008 was a very busy and exciting year for British luxury watch brand Bremont. High points included being named ”Best British Emerging Luxury Brand of 2008 “ by the Walpole Group in November. This year Bremont will be launching a series of new watch models including the “Supermarine 500” in the coming days.

The design has been based around Bremont’s unique Trip-Tick three piece case construction.This gives the watch a water resistance depth of 500m (1660ft) but also keeps the curved profile of the 42mm case design. In addition this enables a crown protector to be built onto the side of the inner barrel to protect against knocks.

From the extensive testing that Bremont has been doing here in the UK and Switzerland the watch has been designed with an Anti-Shock™ movement mount to absorb large shocks and it will also be housed in an Anti-Magnetic soft iron Faraday cage to protect the balance, balance spring and escapement from any effects of magnetisation.

For clarity the bezel is being made of sapphire crystal which covers the Superluminova C5 numbers. The sapphire crystal will be coated on both sides with 9 layers of anti-reflective coating. The watch has been named after the iconic British aviation manufacturer ‘Supermarine’ who’s most famous product is the Spitfire. Both the cost and delivery times will be announced shortly.

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