Audemars Piguet Carnet de Bal Haute Joaillerie Set – Diamond Studded Wristwatch and Choker

Introduced in 2008, this unique jewellery set of diamond studded wrist watch and choker, which has emerged from the Audemars Piguet Haute Joaillerie workshop, is an invitation to close your eyes and allow yourself to daydream for a few moments.

Audemars Piguet Carnet de Bal Haute Joaillerie Set - Diamond Studded Wristwatch and Choker

The floral theme, embodying quintessential femininity, was the inspiration behind this jewellery creation. Nature is expressed here in all its abundant exuberance, almost as if one were actually witnessing the opening of buds or the unfurling of petals and stems. It is no coincidence that this creation so perfectly reflects nature itself, since Audemars Piguet has its very own Haute Joaillerie workshop.

In this propitious environment, experienced specialists begin by finding the purest gemstones that talented jewellers then display to their best advantage through the noble art of gemsetting. The design gradually takes shape, as at each stage the various craftsmen assess the volumes, readjusting shapes to achieve a perfectly balanced and harmonious whole. For the Carnet de Bal jewellery set, several diamond cuts have been finely fashioned: marquise, pear, and baguette and, of course, brilliant cuts. These admirable gems are further enhanced by different types of gemsetting using closed, claw or grain techniques.

Audemars Piguet Carnet de Bal Haute Joaillerie Set - Diamond Studded Wristwatch and Choker

The white gold necklace, which alone called for more than 500 hours of work, is composed of 1,039 diamonds. Yet what first strikes the observer is its sheer volume: the composition of the flowers adorning the choker is delicately cambered and tipped with mobile stems of varying lengths.

Thanks to the extremely fine interlacing motif, the curve of the necklace is a fascinating blend of softness and flowing motion. The flowers and foliage of the cuff-watch sway with the same ease, their stems spreading over the hand in a graceful lacy plant-like motif.

Technical details


Calibre: 2046, hand-wound
Total diameter: 15.70 mm (63/4 lignes)
Casing-diameter: 15.30 mm
Thickness: 2.90 mm
18 jewels
85 parts
Power reserve: up to 42 hours
Cadence of the balance: 21,600 vibrations per hour
Finishing: all parts decorated by hand; circular-grained plate; bridges rhodium-plated, bevelled, snailed and adorned with “côtes de Genève” motif

18-carat white gold set with diamonds, oval-shaped

Floral motif engraved on white mother-of-pearl, diamond hour-markers

18-carat white gold, semi-rigid, composed of floral elements and set with brilliant-, pear-, marquise- and baguette-cut diamonds
Pendants on flexible stems set with brilliant-cut Diamonds
Safety jewellery clasp in 18-carat white gold
Customised adjustment in the Audemars Piguet workshops
Gemsetting: 481 diamonds (~ 59.53 carats)

Hours and minutes

18-carat white gold set with 1,039 brilliant-, marquise-, pear- and baguette-cut diamonds
(~ 86 carats)
Weight: ~ 185 g

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