PIAGET “Limelight Paradise” Collection

Limelight Paradise, the new Piaget collection, leads us into a luxurious, crystal-clear, fragrant, colourful and festive universe. Watches and jewellery express the beauty of this magical world. Piaget has created one of the most fascinating collections ever on universally appealing themes evoking the world of sailing, warm seas and tropical flowers. The adventure begins aboard a yacht.

Caressed by trade winds, gently rocked by waves and guided by the current, you can almost glimpse the white sandy beaches in the distance. This enchanting lagoon captures the gaze with a kaleidoscope of vivid colours: blue, turquoise, green and mauve. Majestically greeted by underwater fauna and flora, you nonchalantly cast anchor. On the island, the gentle rustling of the leaves is an irresistible invitation to explore the surroundings. At the heart of this luxuriant vegetation, butterflies flit lightly among frangipani flowers.

Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif

Maritime knots and ropes pay vibrant tribute to the sailing world, whether highlighted by a flurry of diamonds or subtly recessed into the very structure of the jewellery. An indispensable companion for any seagoing explorer, the compass is featured on the dial of the Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif. Rather than showing the direction to follow, its compass indicates the hours.

The magnificent grand feu enamelled blue dial is highlighted by the profiles engraved with sails and boats involved in a regatta. Equipped with Calibre 608P, a mechanical hand-wound flying tourbillon movement, this watch once again encapsulates Piaget’s determination to place technical expertise in the service of aesthetics.

Suspended from the tip of the minute hand, the carriage of this flying tourbillon appears to be disconnected from the base mechanism driving it, naturally concealed below the dial. The hours are read off on a central disc, while the minute hand carries the flying tourbillon carriage with it as it spins. A majestic sailboat is engraved on the case-back.

Technical details
18-carat white gold watch with grand feu enamelling according to the champlevé technique
18-carat white gold case and dial, blue grand feu enamelling depicting a windrose with North/South and East/West indications
Manufacture Piaget 608P mechanical hand-wound tourbillon movement
Movement thickness: 3.28 mm
Movement thickness including hand fitting: 9.14 mm
Casing diameter: 11 1/2”’ (ø 25.60 mm)
Number of jewels: 27
Cadence: 21,600 vph
Oscillating organ – diameter of balance: 7.75 mm
Power reserve: approximately 70 hours (double barrel)
Flying tourbillon: the minute hand, which has its centre of rotation at the centre of the watch, performs one complete rotation per hour. The tourbillon carriage, suspended from the minute hand, spins once per minute on its own axis
Tourbillon carriage: 3 titanium bridges
Weight of the tourbillon carriage: 0.2 g
Finishing: circular Côtes de Genève, circular-grained mainplate, bevelled and hand-drawn bridges and carriage, blued screws
18-carat white gold and blue grand feu enamelled case-back with an engraved sailboat
18-carat white gold folding clasp;Blue alligator leather strap
Numbered and limited edition of 3
The profile at 3 o’clock depicts a marina with moored boats
The crown evokes the shape of a rudder
The profile at 9 o’clock shows a boat race lit up by the beams shining from the lighthouse
Ref. G0A34045

Tropical Seas Theme

Mint-green tourmaline, azure-blue aquamarine, blue-tinted beryl, vivid amethyst: the spectacular graded shades of tropical waters, atolls and lagoons are echoed in a submarine world in which necklaces, rings, earrings and watches offer a stunning expression of this dreamy paradise.

Tiny diamond fish swim around a 24-carat beryl, while a necklace features a magnificent tourmaline nestling in a white gold coral reef: an open invitation to immerse oneself in the multicoloured secrets of the underwater world. Meanwhile, the pendant and earrings are graced with entire colonies of diamonds forming a coral-like motif. The dial of the timepieces is enlivened by the shimmering reflections of white mother-of-pearl following the rhythm of days and nights and graced with luminescent branches. This microscopic and mysterious life literally seems to inhabit each creation.

Limelight Paradise Tropical Seas Theme Collection : Ref. G0A34167
Features: 18-carat white gold case set with 98 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 2.1 cts); 18-carat white gold dial set with 116 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.6 ct); Piaget 56P quartz movement; 18-carat white gold bracelet set with 124 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 37.5 cts), an emerald-cut green beryl (approx. 10.8 cts) and an oval-cut aquamarine (approx. 5.4 cts); The third row of the bracelet can be removed and worn separately as a diamond bracelet; Ref. G0A34167

Limelight Paradise Altiplano-Large model, Ref. G0A34182

18-carat white gold case set with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.7 ct)
Mother of pearl dial, silvered coral motif and luminescent coral inspiration motif
Manufacture Piaget 430P ultra-thin mechanical hand-wound movement
Movement thickness: 2.1 mm
Number of jewels: 18
Cadence: 21,600 vph
Power reserve: approximately 40 hours
Finishing: circular Côtes de Genève, circular grained mainplate, bevelled bridges, blued screws
18-carat white gold pin buckle
Black satin strap
Ref. G0A34182

Tropical Seas theme Collection also consists the following jewelries:-

  • 18-carat white gold necklace set with 280 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx 30.14cts), 3 center diamonds (approx 2.70 cts), 3 oval-cut aquamarines (approx 14.86cts), 1 emerald-cut mint-green tourmaline (approx 24.13 cts), 1 oval-cut minttourmaline (approx 61.23 cts) and 1 briolette-cut green tourmaline (approx 10.14cts) Ref. G37L9740
  • 18-carat white gold earrings set with 30 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx 2.04 cts),2 round-cut aquamarines (approx 1.20 cts), 2 oval-cut aquamarines (approx 9.52cts), 2 cushion-cut mint tourmalines (approx 8.15 cts), 2 briolette greentourmalines (approx 21.03 cts)Ref. G38L9800
  • 18-carat white gold ring set with 302 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx 4.20 cts),1 cushion-cut beryl (approx 23.79 cts)Ref. G34LH400
  • 18-carat white gold pendant set with 197 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx 3.01 cts) Ref. G33L7400
  • 18-carat white gold earrings set with 192 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx 1.56 cts) Ref. G38LB300

Tropical Flowers Theme

Frangipani flowers are the token of welcome presented by islanders, appreciated for heir soft curves and generous fragrance. As in nature, the purity and the harmonious shades of these blooms, along with the diversity and the perfection of their shapes, are expressed through a 22-carat yellow sapphire pistil delicately resting on the immaculate white chalcedony corolla of a white gold ring.

This new interpretation of the famous secret watch is more exquisitely feminine than ever with
its iridescent mother-of-pearl heart, reveals a delicately gem-set dial concealed by gorgeous frangipani blossoms. The necklace is a full-fledged garland of flowers that offers another enticement to escape from daily life. Limelight Paradise, a single captivating tale, a symphony of colours and shapes composed around 71 jewellery creations and 11 watches.

Tropical Flowers Theme Limelight “Secret” Watch
Features: 18-carat white gold and mother-of-pearl case set with 117 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1.1 cts), 4 brilliant-cut yellow sapphires (approx 0.16 ct); 18-carat white gold dial set with 101 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx 0.4 ct); Piaget 56P quartz movement; 18-carat white gold pin buckle set with 51 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.2 ct); White satin strap; Ref. G0A34186

Tropical Flowers theme Collection also consists 18-carat white and yellow gold ring set with 139 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx 3 cts), 15 brilliant-cut yellow diamonds (approx 0.07 ct), 1 cushion-cut yellow sapphire (approx 21.94 cts), 14 pear-cut and round-cut yellow sapphires (approx 1.73 cts), 3 white chalcedony flower motifs; Ref. G34LH600

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