Progress Watch Corporation/STT Compications SA

Progress Watch Corporation (also known as STT Compications SA) was a manufacturing company dedicated to independently provide high end, innovative, reliable, stable, flexible and unique Swiss made mechanical watch movements to the elite of the Swiss watch industry.

Founded in 1999 with its HQ in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, Progress Watch Corporation established subsidiaries in Switzerland. In 2005, it set up Calibrum AG in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland for developing producing fine, Swiss Made mechanical watch movements.

One notable development from Progress Watch Corporation was the launch of START Tourbillon watch movement in 2006/7.

START is the abbreviation of “See-through Triple Axis Rotating Tourbillon”. Entirely manufactured in Switzerland following the highest standards of haute-horlogerie industry, the START (See-though Triple Axis Rotating Tourbillon) is a patented mechanical watch mechanism that indicates the time directly.

Once a minute the Tourbillon cage is turning and indicate the seconds. The escapement system and a part of the transmission system is turning vertical once in hour and indicates the minutes on a drum. The same time, but once in 12 hours the whole Tourbillon-bridge is doing one circle and indicating the hours by means of a hand.

In 2006, Pascal Raffy (owner of Bovet Fleurier) acquired STT Compications SA and subsequently absorbed the company into Dimier 1738 Manufacture.

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