Seiko Brightz Kinetic Perpetual SAGV015 and SAGV017

Seiko has launched two new models of Brightz Kinetic Perpetual watches equipped with a full auto-calendar function: SAGV015 and SAGV017

These new Seiko Brightz models are equipped with Caliber 7D46, a Kinetic movement that generates electricity each time the oscillating weight inside the watch rotates due to the movement of the arm, and stores that power in a secondary battery to operate the quartz watch. The Seiko Kinetic movement does not require periodic battery replacement and is an eco-friendly drive mechanism.

Seiko Brightz Kinetic Perpetual SAGV015
Seiko Brightz Kinetic Perpetual SAGV015

Auto Relay

The new Seiko Brightz Kinetic Perpetual watch features an “auto relay function” that stops the hands when not in use and automatically returns to the current time when used again. If the watch is left untouched for about 24 hours after it is removed from the wrist, the power save function will work to reduce power consumption and the hands of the watch will stop moving. With this power save function, the watch keeps power inside for up to four years when fully charged. If you put the watch on your wrist and move it from a stopped state, it will automatically return to the current time.

Perpetual Calendar

As the name suggests, the Seiko Brightz Kinetic Perpetual watch itself is equipped with a fully automatic calendar function that determines the large month, small month, and leap year, so it can be used until February 28, 2100. No manual calendar correction is required.

The year 2100 is a leap year in terms of a four-year cycle, but according to the Gregorian calendar, years that are multiples of 100 are not even multiples of 400. 2100 AD is an exception and is not a leap year. Therefore, a manual calendar correction is required on the day after February 28, 2100.

Seiko Brightz Kinetic Perpetual SAGV017
Seiko Brightz Kinetic Perpetual SAGV017

The black hard-coated bezel and black dial with well-balanced metallic parts create a trendy sporty look. The metal parts are available in two colors: a masculine lustrous gold color and a cool, modern silver color.

These new references come with a bright titanium case measuring 38.2mm in diameter. The case features Diamond Shield coating, Seiko’s proprietary surface processing technology that protects the watch from scratches.

The Seiko Brightz Kinetic Perpetual SAGV015 and SAGV017 models were released in Japan in December 2008. Each model retails at 136,500 yen (130,000 yen excluding tax) each.

Technical details

Model: Seiko Brightz Kinetic Perpetual, References SAGV015 and SAGV017

Bright titanium (partly with hard coating)
Sapphire glass (with non-reflective coating)
Case diameter: 38.2mm
Thickness: 12.5mm
Case-back: Bright titanium (with diamond shield)
Water resistance: 10 ATM
Anti-magnetic watch (JIS anti-magnetic watch 1 type)

Kinetic Perpetual Caliber 7D46
Time accuracy: average monthly difference ±15 seconds (when worn on the arm at temperatures between 5°C and 35°C)
Self-winding power generation function
Automatic time recovery function (can be recovered for about 4 years after full charge)
Power save function
Full auto calendar function (until February 28, 2100)
24 hour hand

Seiko SAGV015: Black dial with gold-toned details
Seiko SAGV017: Black dial with silver-colored details
Lumibright coating on hands and indexes

Bright titanium (stainless steel and pure titanium are used for some parts of the case and band)

Suggested retail price
136,500 yen (130,000 yen excluding tax)