LANG & HEYNE Friedrich August I

The reign of Friedrich August I, called “The Strong”, was a unique and glamourous period for Saxony’s politics and culture. The courtly life was a reflection of the baroque joy of existence and luxury.

The opulently decorated cases of that time are real works of art, containing ticking mechanical marvels. The model “Friedrich August I” pays an homage to that legendary personality. He bestowed his ardent love for art on to subsequent generations, is still omnipresent in the beauty and the treasures of Dresden.

LANG & HEYNE Friedrich August I

The watch “Friedrich August I” delights the mind through its artistic design. The striking gold case offers exquisite housing for the fine mechanical movement and the sapphire glass bottom unveils a fascinating view.

LANG & HEYNE Friedrich August I

Chased hands shaped in the style of Louis XV, crafted from pure gold deploy their beauty on the enamelled tripartite dial. The elegant Arabic numerals are framed by a red minute indicator.

LANG & HEYNE Friedrich August I

A serial number is assigned to every watch marked both on the dial and on the movement. This makes every watch from Lang & Heyne to a unique specimen.

LANG & HEYNE Friedrich August I

The typical three-quarter plate has been state of the art in the building of fine movements in Saxony since the end of the 19th century.

LANG & HEYNE “Caliber I” is an honest tribute to that heritage emphasizing typical elements not only of function, but also of beauty : big shining rubies, set in gleaming gold chatons, create a balanced contrast to the silver finished plate. Even the smallest of the stones, the one that holds the lever anchor is set in a gold chaton, held by deeply blued steel screws.

LANG & HEYNE “Caliber I”

The meticulous anglesite finishing, polished by hand with pewter, of the anchor bridge and the balance cock as well as the slit golden screws of the balance wheel create charming reflections of light. The polishing of the winding wheels gives the impression of a shining sun.

The ultimate in beauty, however, is the sparkling diamond, crowning the balance. Majestically it is placed on top of the hand engraved balance cock, harmonizing perfectly with the elegantly swung swan-neck fine adjustment.

The balance spring bent markedly upward in its last winding ensures smooth pulse of the shock-resistant gold-screw balance wheel. “Caliber I” is equipped with a second hand stop mechanism, in other words, when the crown has been pulled out, a spring gently bends itself around the balance shaft and the second hand stops, hence permitting the watch to be set accurately to the second.

Technical details

Model: LANG & HEYNE Friedrich August I

Manual winding movement Caliber I, 46 hours running time, second hand stop mechanism
Diameter: 16 ¼ lines (36,6 mm)
Frequency: 18.000 semi-oscillations per hour
Running time: 46 hours
Jewels: 19 rubies, 1 diamond
Shock-resistant gold-screw balance
Breguet spring
Swan-neck fine adjustment
Pulsating eccentric second hand
Second hand stop mechanism
Winding wheels with double solar finish

Crafted from 18 ct Yellow gold, diameter 43,5 mm, sapphire glass on the top and on the bottom,

Double sunk enemalled dial with Arabic numerals, shaped Louis XV hands crafted from pure gold; eccentric second hand.

crocodile leather strap, buckle in 18 ct gold

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