Giuliano Mazzuoli Contagiri 8C Limited Edition

In 2007, Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo commercially launched its 8C Competizione sports car.

Giuliano Mazzuoli has dedicated a version of its innovative Contagiri watch to the 8C Competizione in a limited edition series of 500 + 1 pieces reserved for the privileged owners of the sports car. The dial of the watch is inspired by the rev counter in the automobile.

Giuliano Mazzuoli Contagiri 8C Limited Edition

Like all watches from this collection, this limited edition model features a highly legible dial inspired by the rev counter (RPM gauge) in the automobile. The black dial of the Contagiri 8C watch has a retrograde scale and the hand that indicates time placed on the centre.

This hand follows the arc-shaped scale featuring hour-markers and minute scales. At 12 o’clock the hand goes back employing 1/10 of a second repositioning itself always at the 0 (in reality it’s 12 o’clock) with the historic green four-leaf clover symbol representing Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio. The numbering on the dial offers maximum legibility.

The indicators between one hour and another indicate the minutes as follows: the first short line indicates 15 minutes, the long line at the center indicates the 30 minutes, and the other short line indicates the 45 minutes. The small hand that completes an arc of 360° does not indicate the seconds but confirms that the watch is running.

The Contagiri 8C Competizione is a limited edition of 500+1 pieces in white gold and carbon fiber. The case back and the watch box will have the same personalization as the automobile with the same limited edition serial number.

The Contagiri watch does not feature any crown for winding the movement and setting the time. Instead, it has a function lever and through the lunette of the watch you can carry out the functions usually done through the crown.

Winding the watch

  • By pushing the lower part of the lever (the gear shift) towards the watch, the upper part of the lever will come out allowing you to push it out a few millimeters.
  • The four-leaf clover will disappear and in its place the number 1 will appear. In this position the watch is in winding position. With the lever in this position the watch can be wound by turning the lunette clockwise or counter clockwise like you would through a normal crown.
  • Pushing the lever back towards the watch, the four-leaf clover reappears and the small hand in motion indicates that the watch is running normally and the “automatic” watch if worn will continue running.

Setting the time

  • By pushing the lever out a few more degrees from the winding position (the watch indicates the number 1) the number 2 will appear.
  • By turning the lunette clockwise or counter clockwise the time can be set.
  • By pushing the lever towards the watch until the four-leaf clover reappears, the small hand on the watch will start to move and the watch will start running again.

Technical details

Model: Contagiri 8C

Mechanical with automatic winding
Calibre GM Cambiosequenziale/01 alternance 10
111⁄2 lignes (25.94 mm)
42-hour power reserve
Frequency 28800 A/h (4Hz)
Shockproof (incabloc model)
29 jewels
131 components
Decoration: Main plate and bridges with Côtes de Genève (parallel bands)

Case in carbon fiber (42 layers) with case back and lunette in 18K white gold
44 mm diameter
Thickness: 13.30
Crystal: Convex sapphire crystal
Water Resistance: 5 atmospheres (50 meters)

Black dial with Arabic numerals

Central hour hand retrogrades after going through an arc of 270°

3 worldwide patents

Strap in pure smooth rubber
Strap in pure rubber stamped with a woven pattern

Butterfly buckle in 18 kt white gold for symmetrical straps in smooth rubber or with a woven pattern is available upon request.
Ardillon buckle in 18 kt white gold

Watch box
The watch box is covered in smooth calf-skin leather and reptile stamped by master Florentine artisan leather workers.
The inside of the box is in sole leather and carbon fibre. Personalized with the serial number of the automobile and the watch, the watch box is available in the colors of the automobile (8C Red – Alfa Red – Yellow – Black).
Other colors are available upon request.