Olivier Randin Maurice Béjart Hommage Collection

Through this creation, Swiss watch brand Olivier Randin supports the Foundation Maurice Béjart and thus contributes to the perenniality of its heritage. For the two persons in charge, Olivier Randin and Jean Marc Moffa, the values transmitted by the choreographer in his ballets are those which the mark wants to promote today. In the contemporary watch making industry, Olivier Randin’s models are the best example of fusion of two universes than are the dance and the clock industry.

  • Regard d’OR : Portrait of Maurice Béjart engraved with the hand on a gold dial, crown crimped with an authentic piece of the scene of the Metropolis of Lausanne.
  • Le Ballet Bleu : Homage to the glance azure of Maurice Béjart, case with the signature on the side of Maurice Béjart engraved hand, sapphire crimped on the crown.
  • L’Ombre ou la Danse : Homage to the colors of Béjart Lausanne Ballet, ruby crimped on the crown.
  • Mikoto : Homage to its love for its Abyssins, portrait of Maurice Béjart redrawn with the hand before its reproduction on the dial.

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