Bell & Ross Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation

In 2008, at the request of the Chief of Staff of the French Air Force, Bell & Ross has created both an emblematic and functional watch that meets the specific requirements of Air Force fighter pilots: the INSTRUMENT BR03 TYPE AVIATION.

In its quest for a functional watch that would also serve as an emblem for its pilots, the French Air Force requested proposals from three watch making brands that were highly regarded in the aeronautical sector.

The French Air Force ultimately chose Bell & Ross to design the watch because of its ability to precisely meet the specifications that had been established. Thus a new model was created and approved by the French General Air Force staff: the INSTRUMENT BR03 TYPE AVIATION. A contract was established between Bell & Ross and the Air Force for the production of two special limited editions of 250 pieces each.

Bell & Ross Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation watch

On October 24th, 2008, the first BR03 TYPE AVIATION watch was presented to Stéphane Abrial, Chief of Staff of the French Air Force at an official ceremony.

Bell & Ross Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation watch

Released in a limited edition and designed exclusively for Air Force pilots, the INSTRUMENT BR03 TYPE AVIATION proudly displays the emblem of the French Air Force. An identical limited edition version of this watch, without the Air Force logo, made available to the public beginning in January 2009.

Bell & Ross Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation watch

Technical characteristics

Model: Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation

With analogue and digital display
7 rubies
Power: Silver oxide, high-drain battery 1.55 V
Running control: the inhibition period is sixty seconds
Theoretical running time: 35 months (depending on how often the alarm and chronograph are used). End of battery life indicated by digital display blinking

Case, dial and strap
In satin-polished stainless steel or glass pearl blasted stainless steel with black carbon finish
Diameter: 42 mm
Water-resistant crown with push-piece function. Unidirectional, revolving inside.
Bezel: toothed and graduated to 60 minutes. The triangular mark (O or 60’) is marked by a luminescent dot in the dark. Black.
Dial:  Black. Figures, index and hands coated with highly luminescent paint to optimise night reading.
Glass:  Anti-reflective coated sapphire glass
Water resistance: 100 metres.
Strap: Satin-polished stainless steel or rubber strap or synthetic canvas strap.

Analogue display: indication of hours and minutes
Digital display: digital display is optional: the wearer can choose whether or not to display the information on the following functions digitally:
– No digital display (OFF selected)
– Alarm (ON 1 selected)
– Chronograph (ON 2 selected)
– Second time zone (ON 3 selected)
– Timer (ON 4 selected)
– Perpetual calendar (ON 5 selected)
– Seconds/date (ON 6 selected)
– Digital time (ON 7 selected)

The main functions are identified by an alphabetical symbol which appears in the upper window on the dial:
– Symbol «AL»: alarm (ON 1 selected)
– Symbol «CHR»: chronograph (ON 2 selected)
– Symbol «T2»: second time zone (ON 3 selected)
– Symbol «TM»: timer (ON 4 selected)

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