Anderesen Geneve Montres à Tact – Homage to Hans Christian Andersen (2005)

Unveiled at Basel world 2005 this collection pays homage to Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish author who is known world-wide for his fairy tales. This watches was launched to mark the 200th anniversary celebration of H.C. Andersen in 2005. The Collection consisted of two «Montres à Tact» models , one with a hand-engraved portrait, and one with a hand-painted miniature illustration of the fairy tale «The Tinder-Box».
The Danish author Hans Christian Andersen is known world-wide for his fairy tales. In the years 1831 to 1872 he was one of the most travelled celebrities and visited 11 European countries. At that time it took days and weeks to travel by stage-coach, sailing-ship and the upcoming first railway connections from Copenhagen to Berlin, Paris, Munich, Rom and his favourite destination: Switzerland. He visited this mountanous country, so different from his flat homeland Denmark, 12 times. In 1833 he spent several weeks in the horological city of Le Locle with a family of watchmakers in order to learn French.
130 years later another Dane named Andersen arrived in Switzerland: Svend Andersen, a young skilled watchmaker who, after his apprenticeship, wanted to learn how the world finest watches were made. He worked in several famous watch shops in the Valaisian Alps, Lucerne and Geneva until he got engaged by Patek Philippe in 1969. In 1979 he started as independent creator and ever since he continues to surprise the connoisseurs and collectors world-wide with his amazing watch creations of technical and artistic perfection.

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