Piaget Limelight Paris New York Collection

In a festive journey to the heart of the night, this Limelight watch and jewellery collection explores the aesthetic worlds of two of the planet’s most fascinating cities: Paris and New York.

Paris / New York: two cities, two states of mind… a collection. The monuments of these two cities, representing authentic architectural icons, feature clearly identifiable and highly stylised motifs. These two fashion capitals also display immediately recognizable styles that are both irresistibly urban and unmistakably feminine. The cities of Paris and New York have fired the imagination of Piaget’s creative talents and craftsmen, eloquently illustrating the brand’s watchmaking and jewellery expertise.

Piaget Altiplano Ref GOA 33181- closed
Piaget Altiplano Ref GOA 33181- opened

Paris, city of lights: Piaget has drawn inspiration from two key landmarks of lovers’ favourite city: the Eiffel Tower and the Grande Roue (Ferris wheel) on the Place de la Concorde. The slender, luminous structure of the historical monument, the city’s universal emblem since 1889, has given rise to diamond-studded watch and jewellery creations. Against the elegant cleavage of a radiantly beautiful woman, a necklace reflects the arches of the world’s most beautiful tower, a magnificent architectural feat also evoked by diamond-set cuff watches.

Watch inspired by Paris Architecture theme – Ref GOA 33190

Meanwhile, the playful and enchanting Ferris wheel provides a pretext for amusing variations. Secret watches and jewellery in motion, featuring tiny baskets of diamonds suspended from a rotating deck, are clearly reminiscent of its famous gondolas.

Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif – Ref GOA 33044 (Tribute to City of Paris)

Paris, fashion: Inspired by a sensual and exquisitely feminine couture style, Piaget dares to go for a “sexy “look with creations echoing the lacing on corsets that are tied and untied with voluptuous delight. In an ultra-chic interpretation of wild Parisian nights, a ruby and pink sapphire necklace imitates untied ribbons hanging nonchalantly along a plunging neckline.

Piaget Limelight Cuff Watch- Ref 33195

In the same glamorous spirit, Piaget introduces a fabulous cuff watch, a recurrent and emblematic object in the brand’s history. Entirely paved with diamonds, this watch literally wraps the wrist in light, evoking a luxurious corset delicately laced by a ribbon of square-cut diamonds, and also comes in a version with a colourful satin ribbon.

Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif Ref GOA 33045 (Tribute to City Of New York)

Architectural : Piaget has chosen to focus on two icons of the American dream: the Chrysler Building and the Statue of Liberty in New York. A spectacular jewellery set features a necklace and earrings based on a design brilliantly reflecting the illuminated roof of the Art Deco style building with its pure, irresistibly graphic lines. The chandelier-style variation of this jewellery set featuring diamonds and blue sapphires boldly accentuates the roofline of the legendary skyscraper and sparkles like colourful lights against the night sky. Whether serving as a motif for a pendant, earrings or a watch dial, the graphic design of the seven rays of the diadem of the Statue of Liberty symbolises the seven oceans.

Watch inspired by New York Architecture theme – Ref GOA 33178

Inaugurated in 1886 as a gift from France to mark the anniversary of the independence of the United States, the famous monument was created by Bartholdi in cooperation with Gustave Eiffel for its metal frame. The entirely diamond-pavé watch case sets the precious stones dancing to the frenzied cadence of the city that never sleeps.

Fashion: Piaget has chosen to let its imagination roam freely among bows and ribbons in order to give them a distinctively “haute couture” feel, with black tourmalines and diamonds in the spotlight. Thus interpreted, these creations evoke the black and white colours of a classic New York evening, while exquisite bows adorn the watches and jewellery with discreet elegance.

Watch inspired by New York Couture theme – Ref GOA 33170

Unmistakable couture-like touches include a black satin and diamond bow that actually hides a “secret” watch featuring a diamond-pavé cover that opens discreetly to reveal the passing of time. Black tourmaline is again featured, as too are black spinels cut to form superbly facetted beads that glitter like sparks along a matinee length necklace, with an upper part dancing freely along the neck and secured by a large diamond bow-tie motif shining with fiery brilliance on a femme fatale.

Among the dazzling and daring watch creations dedicated to Paris and New York, two Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif models are issued in limited editions of three. They combine the complexity of a Piaget 608P flying tourbillon movement with the extreme sophistication of a stunningly beautiful enamelled and chased décor.

For Paris, the twelve avenues radiating from the aptly named Place de l’Etoile are engraved on the dial, while the sides feature the city’s major landmarks. For New York, the outlines of its twelve highest skyscrapers are engraved on the dial and the sides depict two views of the city.

Piaget Limelight Altiplano Ref GOA 33185
Piaget Limelight Ref 33171

Paris and New York: two extremely powerful urban identities, two extraordinary worlds of aesthetic and architectural intensity. Famed the world over for their rich past, present and future, their inimitably glamorous style and their legendary monuments, these two international capitals of glittering nocturnal festivities are now brilliantly interpreted by Piaget through a dream collection of gorgeous jewellery and watches.

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