Vulcain Cricket Alarm Limited Edition with Cloisonné Enamel Dial

After the homage paid to aviation in 2003 and to the Olympic Games in 2004, the Manufacture from Le Locle is getting in touch with its inner child by offering fans of the Cricket calibre two models produced in limited editions of 50 each (25 in rose gold and 25 in white gold) which are mischievous and poetic allusions to the brand’s own creation.

The two limited editions starring animal motifs have an intriguing cartoon-like appeal – a rooster chosen for the Chinese year of the rooster and the singing insect known as a cricket – these models in fact enshrine the most accomplished technology and the nobility of a traditional form of craftsmanship, cloisonné enamel. They come in a new case with a diameter of 38 mm.

Vulcain Cricket Alarm Limited Edition with Cloisonné Enamel DialBehind the playful aspect of the motifs, Vulcain offers a reminder that alarms are one of its key concerns. The symbolism is crystal clear: the role of the rooster is to awaken sleepers at sunrise, while the cricket which inspired the famous movement has become synonymous with the shrill chirping of a morning alarm clock.

To depict these two animals which might well qualify as brand totems, Vulcain has chosen the most delicate type of enamelling, cloisonné enamel, because this technique enables extremely precise designs and exceptional colour quality.

Vulcain Cricket Alarm Limited Edition watch with Cloisonné Enamel DialAs far as the movement of this emblematic watch is concerned, one need hardly remind connoisseurs that the Cricket is distinguished by the quality and the power of its alarm tone reminiscent of the shrill chirping of the insect after which it is named.

The mechanical double barrel hand-wound calibre is composed of 157 parts, painstakingly assembled by hand. The power of the sound stems from the double case-back which serves as a resonance chamber for the alarm function.

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