Romain Jerome Titanic DNA by Cabestan Limited Edition

Swiss luxury watch brand Romain Jerome and Cabestan watchmakers jointly presenting Titanic-DNA by Cabestan, a limited edition consisting of six unique and inspired timepieces created in tribute to our Planet’s oceans.

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA by Cabestan Winch Vertical Tourbillon

Titanic-DNA By Cabestan is the fruit of a collaboration between two people who are both deeply passionate about watchmaking: the encounter between designer Yvan Arpa – who, in addition to covering his timepieces with rust, gives them the invaluable distinction of containing the DNA of a legend, the legend of the Titanic – and the visionary Jean François Ruchonnet, the man behind the vertical Cabestan Tourbillon.

Two creative spirits and two thoroughly avant-garde visions that joined forces to create exceptional pieces, each one inspired by and imagined thanks to an ocean, the unexplored kingdom of the sunken vessel, a masterpiece of the Belle Époque.

A tribute to the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic and glacial Arctic oceans … They all gave rise to the many variations and different interpretations of the sea as a symbol incarnated in Greek mythology by Oceanus, the eldest of the Titans.

These five unique pieces are now joined by a sixth creation – 41°43’ 55’’ N and 49°56’ 45’’ W – a timepiece that commemorates the site of the shipwreck, an archetypal piece to serve as a symbol of the tragedy. The case of this elegantly dimensioned timepiece is covered with a coat of rust characteristic of all the pieces in the Titanic-DNA collection.

This oxidation owes its noble process to its origins. It is derived from the extraordinary fusion between authentic steel from the shipwreck, lying 3,840 meters under the sea and steel supplied by the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, where the Titanic was built nearly a century ago.

Each Titanic-DNA by Cabestan CL 001.1 RJ movement is characterised by its third wheel based on the design of the large wheels in the main transmission shaft of the Titanic’s engine.

The clear cover on these timepieces reveals a movement flanked by bronze plates and copper tubes sunk into the base plate. The nautical decorations are reminiscent of the machinery and piping used in the construction of liners from the period.

Six special and unique interpretations with different characters in a variety of materials. Copper for the Indian Ocean, vermeil for the Antarctic Ocean, bronze for the Pacific, silver for the Atlantic. Charcoal gray for the glacial expanse of the Arctic Ocean and finally deep black for the 41°43’ 55’’ N and 49°56’ 45’’ W timepiece.

Technical details

Model: Romain Jerome Titanic DNA by Cabestan Winch Vertical Tourbillon

Hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve

Made with 12 fully-machined elements
Dimensions: 46 mm long, 36 mm wide, 15 mm thick
Glass: 3 thermoformed glasses
Water-resistance: 30 meters

By engraved rotating drums

CL 001.1 RJ with manual winch winding
Design: Transverse mechanism with a chain fusee and revolving vertical tourbillon integrating 4 capstans
Lower left: barrel
Upper left: chain-fusee and power reserve indicator – winding with rotating hand-crank winch cleverly hidden in the folding buckle
Upper right: hours and minutes display – time setting with rotating hand-crank winch cleverly hidden in the folding buckle
Bottom right: vertical tourbillon indicating the seconds
Power Reserve: 72 hours

Embossed leather
Clasp: Pin buckle

Limited edition comprising 6 unique pieces

Upon request

About Romain Jerome DNA of famous Legends-Titanic-DNA Collection

This collection was inspired and created in tribute to the Titanic, the majestic and splendid sea giant, technological masterpiece of an era when it was the epitome of power and elegance. For the rusted timepieces, the bezel reflects an extraordinary fusion which brings together the authentic steel of the Titanic shipwreck, which was resting on the ocean floor at a depth of 3’840 meters, and that of the one from the shipyards Harland & Wolff where the most luxurious ocean liner was built almost a century ago.  The Titanic-DNA collection is a limited edition to 2’012 pieces (2012 being year of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic) per models except the Titanic-DNA Tourbillon which is limited to 9 pieces.

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