Voutilainen Decimal Minute Repeater 9 Tantalor

Building further on the mechanical concepts already presented in other watches from the Decimal Repeater collection, the caliber of the “Tantalor” 9 centers on a LeCoultre ebauche, which has been rebuilt to a decimal repeater mechanism striking hours, 10 minute intervals and minutes. The beauty of this system is that the minute chime never strikes more than 9 times, making the repeater easy to understand and more natural in actual use.

The new Decimal Repeater number 9 Tantalor retains the clear and easily readable second’s placement at 6 o clock of the previous Decimal repeater. The movement, case dial have been executed without the slightest compromise, as can be expected from all wristwatches created by the Voutilainen atelier. The hand made, engine turned dial of 18 carat gold has anthracite finished soleil and clous de Paris guilloche, with Luminova filled Arabic numerals.

The unusual, difficult to manufacture Tantalum case with 18 carat white gold details is created with an exceptional level of finish. This dial and case combination id not only beautiful, but practical as well in regards to night-time legibility and wear resistance; this is a minute repeater that is meant to be use and enjoyed every day.

According to the finest Swiss watch making traditions, the bridges, spring, hammers and other parts of the movement has received hand-finished anglage; the surfaces of the bridges are adorned with Geneva stripes and the base plate with circular and snail graining.The masterpiece 9 Tantalor is the latest example of how a client’s desire for an exceptional and personalized timepiece can be realized by the Voutilainen atelier.

Technical details

  • Decimal minute repeater movement, LeCoultre ebauche beating at 18,000 v.p.h. showing hours, minutes and small seconds. Strikes the hours and 10 minute intervals followed by minutes, with two hammers acting on two gongs.
  • Free sprung variable inertia balance wheel, diameter 13.5mm with 18 carat gold adjustment screws and Breguet-Phillips hairspring.
  • 45mm x 11mm thick Tantalum case with 18 carat white gold crown, slide, bezels and buckle
  • Ruby endstones for the escapement wheel.
  • 29 jewels
  • Hand made, 18 carat rhodium plated gold hands
  • 34 hours of power reserve
  • 18 carat gold, engine turned dial, finished in anthracite finished soleil and clou de Paris guilloche with crème colored, Luminova filled Arabic numerals.
  • Sapphire glass front and back with anti-reflective coating on front.

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