ANDERSEN GENEVE La Montre à tact “Poker”

La Montre à tact “Poker” by ANDERSEN GENEVE was unveiled at Basel world 2008. This exceptional watch allows the wearer to read time on a tactful way without moving his wrist thanks to the time indicator laced between the attaches at “6 o’clock”. Thus, its front-plate is free from any hands and a perfect place for unlimited personalisation according to the artist’s imagination or the customer’s wishes, and this as unique item.

ANDERSEN GENEVE La Montre à tact Poker watch

This time, the Montre à tact got caught up in the game of poker showing a miniature painting inspired by “A Bold Bluff”, a picture painted by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, an American artist of the Belle Epoque, who between 1903 and 1910 had created 16 oil-paintings of dogs in human poses, nine of them depicting dogs playing poker.

ANDERSEN GENEVE La Montre à tact Poker watch

In the window, six time indications have been replaced by the following showdowns:

  • 2 o’clock = Four of a kind
  • 4 o’clock = Quint flush
  • 6 o’clock = Flush
  • 8 o’clock = Quint
  • 10 o’clock = Full
  • 12 o’clock = Quint flush royal

Technical details

Model: ANDERSEN GENEVE La Montre à tact “Poker”


Hour displayed in 2 windows

Red and white gold or 18K white gold, 42 mm
Sapphire crystal front and back

Miniature reproduction of the painting by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge showing dogs playing poker; Window with indication of hours and hands: 2 o’clock = four of a kind, 4 o’clock = straight flush, 6 o’clock = flush, 8 o’clock = straight, 10 o’clock = full house, 12 o’clock = royal flush

Green top-stitched dark-green crocodile with gold buckle


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