Corum Romvlvs Perpetual Calendar

Romvlvs Perpetual Calendar, latest creation of the workshops of CORUM, is placed at the top of watch making art. Following the example Romvlvs collection, all in it east impresses classicism. Equipped one perpetual day of the month, true a must among the clock making complications, Romvlvs Perpetual Calendar is also characterized by the completions from gauge CO-183. Sheltered in a case in red gold 18kt, this exclusive movement was entirely skeleton and decorated with the hand. Within sight of the complexity of the model, only 25 specimens will be born.

Romvlvs Perpetual Calendar incarnates a complete control of watch making art and belongs in fact to the most exclusive models of the mark. Thanks to her movement with automatic reassembly CO-183, true mechanical programming of time, the last-born child of Romvlvs ensures a complete posting of the date, day of the week, month and phases of the moon until 2100 without any intermediate adjustment. Passed this expiry, a development by a professional will offer another century of precision to the watch. Complex ultra mechanism, the perpetual day of the month indicates the date thanks to a set of wheels and cams which takes account of the differences between the months of 30 and 31 days, integral moreover the variable length of February according to the leap years. Of an exemplary smoothness of 4mm, movement CO-183 is one of flattest world to offer these function.

All the components were worked and decorated manually to carry out a movement plentiful skeleton of details and reflections. In order to create a general harmony, Corum retained the shape of the volute, repeated systematically on the showpieces. The oscillating mass was the subject of a remarkable care. Cut in white gold 18kt, it raises the name of Corum which literally appears to float in weightlessness. Symbol of the mark, the key also appears there. As for the turntable and with the bridges, they were angles and engraved with the hand, then rhodium. Even the barrel was hollow to the maximum to let see its spring. On the whole, more than 10 workdays are necessary to the clock making Masters and the most senior engravers to ensure the work of completion except par and the assembly of this gauge of high clock industry.

If the guilloched dial is a distinctive mark of the collection, Romvlvs Perpetual Calendar raises a reason guilloched sun. In the center, four micro meters laid out in cross are given the responsibility to post the entirety of the indications of the everlasting calendar. With 12:00 the indication of the month and that of the leap year appear, with 3:00 the date and 9:00 the day. The moon phase is located at 6:00 where shine also the name and the key of Corum registered in gold letters. The needles and the internal appreciation in the clover shape also raise invaluable metal. To suggest the complexity of the movement, the two meters located at 3:00 and 9:00 are equipped in their center with a sapphire pastille revealing partially the heart of the watch.

Corum chose a polished case 41 mm in diameter with the glossed glasses, completions characteristic of the collection. Equipped with a sapphire bottom maintained by six screws, it is provided with a grooved crown raising in relief the key symbolic system. Romvlvs Perpetual Calendar is proposed on a bracelet in black crocodile provided with a loop in red gold 18kt.

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