Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Five Black Tourbillon I with RJ 21 Nanocapsule

A world record in the infinitely small for the micro-engraving. This unique performance consists of the micro-engraving of the Titanic-DNA Tourbillon instruction book in a RJ 21 ultimate nanocapsule.

The latter is a piece of technology developed by ARnanO, and introduced into the watchmaking world by RJ. It offers the ultimate miniaturisation of written information with a resolution of 20 nm, which is the equivalent of 400,000 paperbacks on one side of an A4 page. Size of each word is 10 times smaller than a hair diameter.

Housing at the heart of the RJ Five black I Tourbillon, the RJ 21 ultimate nanocapsule square in shape measuring 1mm long and 1mm wide – decorates the bridges of the Tourbillon.

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Five Black Tourbillon I watch with RJ 21 Nanocapsule

The RJ 21 nano time capsule: a commercial version of the RJ 21 ultimate nanocapsule From the world record technology behind the RJ 21 ultimate nanocapsule, arises another nanocapsule: the RJ 21 nano time capsule.

Because the RJ 21 ultimate nanocapsule can only be read with a Scanning Electron Microscope with a magnification up to 300 000 times, RJ has developed a commercial version of this worldwide record: the RJ 21 nano time capsule than can be easily read with an optical microscope.

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Five Black Tourbillon I with RJ 21 Nanocapsule

Micro-engraving of customized information optically readable and not encoded The RJ 21 nano time capsule is approximately 20 times bigger (i.e. 20mm X 15mm) in size with words and draws 100 times bigger than in the worldwide record. The RJ 21 time capsule can contain personal information for future generation, family tree, any kind of pictogram, writing, drawing and pictures.

The RJ 21 nano time capsule can hold data securely for 2 million of years under normal use. Since it is made entirely of sapphire and platinum (2), it guarantees the durability of the message it contains, just like hieroglyphs engraved in stone, and bears witness to a period of history, a civilisation and an existence.

ARnanO is one of the latest start-up companies created by the LETI (a European applied research centre in electronics), whose aim is to develop advanced products that enable infinitely small, unalterable graphics to be engraved. The CEA’s (French Atomic Energy Commission) LETI laboratory in Grenoble at MINATEC is the leading centre of excellence for research into micro- and nano- technologies in Europe.

The main research topics cover the fields of nano-electronics, micro-systems, ambient intelligence, the image chain, biology and health. Approximately 30 high-tech start-ups have been created by the LETI and more than 170 patents are filed annually. The LETI’s work is supported by technological facilities that are unrivalled in Europe and by a 300 mm silicon technology facility, a 200 mm micro-electronics facility, a 200 mm micro-systems facility, a nano-characterisation facility and an upstream facility.

Technical details

Model: Titanic-DNA – Five black Tourbillon I with RJ 21 nanocapsule

Movement: Calibre BNB 1000RJ
Case: Diameter 46 mm. Steel, Titanium and Black satin-finished ceramic
Dial: Black with coal recovered from the Titanic
Hands: Inspired by Titanic’s anchor
Bezel: Black satin-finished ceramic
Back: Sapphire crystal
Water-resistant: 5 Atm.
Strap: Rubber or Crocodile Hornback leather
Buckle: Blackened satin-finished steel ardillon buckle
RJ 21 ultimate nanocapsule: 1mm3
RJ 21 time capsule: 20mm x 15mm

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