Porsche Design Indicator P´6910

Eterna presents the Porsche Design Indicator P´6910 in a new design combining rose gold and PVD-coated titanium. The first chronograph with mechanical digital stop display has one of the world’s most complex wristwatch movements ever to be produced in series, providing a perfect synthesis between innovative technology and handcrafted precision.

Porsche Design Indicator P´6910

The case combines rose gold and black-coated titanium. Rose gold in its classical elegance provides an appealing contrast to the modern, dynamic design of the watch, emphasising its high quality. Rose gold excels in its high endurance, is easy to work with, and is also gentle on the skin.

Round cutting and polishing techniques are used for surface finish, giving the case a partly matt, partly smooth appearance. The titanium bezel and sapphire-crystal back – also framed in titanium – surround the case in a rugged design.

Four screws ensure firm hold and emphasise the watch’s dynamic, modern aesthetics. The other main material used, titanium, excels in extreme lightness and non-corrosive characteristics. The PVD coating gives the bezel and back their black colour to contrast against the rose gold.

Porsche Design Indicator P´6910

The chronograph’s push-buttons – also in black-coated titanium – were inspired by the design of the pedals of a Carrera GT and provide maximum grip. The crown is completely protected by a natural caoutchouc coating. The movement and rotor can be viewed through the sapphire-crystal back with its rose gold Porsche Design engraving.

Porsche Design Indicator P´6910

The black natural caoutchouc strap also contrasts with the case colour, also in rose gold. Ridges on the inside of the caoutchouc strap ensure adequate air circulation between the strap and the skin.

Porsche Design Indicator P´6910

Typography, design and colours on the dial are clearly laid out and give the dial its unmistakable readability. The dial features a typical honeycomb pattern design, but this is the first time the pattern has been embossed.

The three hands and indices can be seen clearly through the slightly cambered sapphire-crystal glass. To avoid errors of parallax, the minute graduation has been printed onto the inside of the sapphire-crystal rim. The stopwatch second hand rotates just under the glass and high over the dial, adding to its clear readability.

Partially skeletonized rose gold hands rule out any covering up of the three main indications. The use of grey luminous material-coating on parts of the hands and indices add to the watch’s readability.

A function control, positioned at nine o’clock features a red and white segmented disc with continuously changing colours to show that the watch is running. The patented power reserve at six o’clock shows the remaining energy potential through the power reserve indication; the more red is displayed, the lower the reserve in the spring barrels. This is the first time that the current power status in the spring barrels has been shown in this way and can be checked at any time.

The large digits on the digital display can be clearly recognised from a good distance. A disc positioning mechanism ensures that upon activation the digits always appear centered and straight in the display, ensuring good readability.

Porsche Design Indicator P´6910

This was the first time that chronograph functions are combined with a genuinely mechanical jumping digital display. Measured times in hours, minutes and seconds can easily be recorded up to a time of 9 hours and 59 minutes. Swiss watchmaking company Eterna designed and constructed the 6036 movement for this purpose; in total, the watch consists of around 800 individual parts.

To keep the height of the watch case to a minimum, an integrated solution was given priority over a simple modular design. The movement draws on energy from four spring barrels, one of which powers the watch.

Porsche Design Indicator P´6910

The three others – each controlled by a centrifugal break – are responsible for the indication mechanism of the digital chronograph functions. These display discs change in barely two tenths of a second. After activating the reset button, they automatically return to the zero position, driven by the springs.

Another new feature in mechanical chronographs was the automatic disabling with “out of service” display of the stop indication once the time has elapsed. This prevents continuous operation and any resulting indication errors of the chronograph.

Technical details

Reference number: 6910.69.44.1149

Eterna 6036 calibre; self-winding mechanical chronograph with mechanical-digital stop display; power reserve indication; 46-hour power reserve; Porsche Design rotor system; honeycomb decorated bridges

Black dial with honeycomb pattern; grey luminous material-coated bar indices, numbers and skeleton hands; running seconds hands with triangular point and blinking mechanism on the function indicator

Satin-finished 18 ct. rose gold case (4N) partially matt-finished and polished; cambered, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal; titanium (PVD-coated) and sapphire glass caseback affixed with four screws; titanium bezel PVD-coated; non screw crown with special sealing system; water-resistant to 50 meters. Dimensions: diameter, 49 mm; height, 19.9 mm.

Black natural caoutchouc strap; special buckle with two pins in 18 ct. rose gold (4N)

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