De Bethune Dream Watch One

Little by dreams become reality. Today David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet have seen their years of research take form in a magnificent timepiece. A horological masterpiece that utilizes all of the fruits of their labour. To hear them talking about this watch is to understand that they have found the perfect combination, which they have been searching for.

There is a perfect symmetry between the case and movement to create the watch,s overall appearance. Every details of this watch reveals that the art of De Bethune and its vision of watch making today.This perhaps is why, they have named this timepiece – Dream watch One.

From the very first glance this watch radiates an architectural fusion between space,time and light; a transition of forms and matte, burnished and polished finishes, cut from the solid palladium and white gold case.

It provides a continuous play of light and shade that is reminiscent of the principles of the hieroglyphs invented by Egyptians. Reading the time has replaced sharply contrasting hour markers there are spheres which integrate perfectly into a tonal ensemble surrounding the central part of the dial which is cut in to an elliptical shape.

The hands are of manually flame blued steel. The three dimensional moon phase display is elegantly integrated between the movement and the dial. With in its unique watch case, is enclosed a hand wound movement with six days of power reserve and the patented De Bethune spherical moon phase. On the reverse of the case is found power reserve indicator shown through a window as a red and white arc.

What sets the movement apart from others created in the past is the ingenious escapement. This innovative escapement seems to be even more revolutionary when the concept of its oscillation is observed. Completely original , the mechanical movement integrates a regulating escapement with out a visible balance spring fitted with an annular balance of unequaled perfection consisting of a central silicon disc surrounded by a thin ring of polished platinum.

The platinum ring was added to increase the inertia of the balance. The watch remains a dream because it has not yet been offered for sale and it is carefully guarded with in the De Bethune workshops. But soon it will be presented in its definitive version and included in The De Bethune collection.

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