Hamilton “Riva timed by Hamilton” Watch Collection

Hamilton has signed an international cooperation agreement with Riva, worldwide myth of the boating industry. The two perfectly matched brands will collaborate in a variety of areas, including the creation of a special “Riva timed by Hamilton” watch collection.
Hamilton "Riva timed by Hamilton" Watch Collection
The cooperation unites soul mates in terms of history, values, design and craftsmanship. These deep-rooted characteristics are also supported by a shared, long-standing relationship with the world of cinema through numerous placements with major Hollywood stars, both on and off screen. Hamilton and Riva represent iconic brands that were both born in the 19th century – Riva in 1842 on the shores of Lake Iseo in Italy and Hamilton in 1892 across the waters of the Atlantic in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Riva and Hamilton are proven pioneers. The Riva story started when Pietro Riva bravely attempted to repair two storm-damaged fishing boats, leading to a special commission to build a new boat by a wealthy client based on his exceptional carpentry skills. Hamilton watches enjoyed similarly groundbreaking early years as they brought safety to the American railroads and kept the first commercial pilots on track. Both brands have continued their commitment to innovation and literally to expressing the beauty of technology.
Hamilton "Riva timed by Hamilton" Watch Collection
For Riva and Hamilton, the tradition of precision craftsmanship has lived on, shaping their present and future. The tiniest design details and top quality materials join forces to create coveted boats with lengthy waiting lists – and timepieces that integrate perfect precision and stunning looks. The boats use details of chrome, exquisite lacquer-work, leather and woodwork to express themselves. Hamilton watches integrate Swiss technology and watch making expertise with the finest materials. Shape is also a uniting factor for the two cooperation partners. Hamilton watches are known for their distinctive form,making clear statements that seduce wearers and Hollywood stylists alike.

The lines of the Riva boats take onlookers’ breath away as they glide through the waters of the world. This common approach of meticulously following the creative process every step of the way, from the first sketches to the moment when the owner takes possession, will shape the “Riva timed by Hamilton” watch collection.

These Swiss-made watches will fuse nostalgia and modernity to bring watertight appeal. There will be models for male and female wearers, all made of the finest luxury materials and finished to perfection. And just as the boats still survive the most dramatic storms, and Hamilton watches can even take the pressure of stunts on the wrist of world champion free diver, Pierre Frolla, the collection will match its appealing design with unfailing high-performance.
Hamilton "Riva timed by Hamilton" Watch Collection
Hamilton’s Hollywood career began in the 1950s with an impressive 1951 debut in the Oscar nominated diving movie ‘The Frogmen’. In 1961 the distinctive iconic watch, Ventura, co-starred with Elvis Presley in ‘Blue Hawaii’ and the intense Hollywood relationship has continued embracing over 300 movie appearances in the meantime. The list of stars that have appeared in Hamilton is extremely long and includes Richard Gere, Tom Hanks, Ben Affleck, Michael Douglas, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Riva as well has proven to be the director’s favorite on many occasions with diverse roles. Riva started its movie career in the 1950s with the likes of stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and continued its adventures with appearances in James Bond movies, ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ and other action blockbusters. The boats and the watches have the ability to create moods and shape characters to bring credibility and emotion to the movies they feature in.
Hamilton "Riva timed by Hamilton" Watch CollectionRiva was founded in 1842 in Sarnico, a little town on Lake Iseo, in the north of Italy. Being the most ancient shipyard in the world never stopping its production, Riva is the most renowned brand in the boating industry worldwide. Member of the Ferretti Group, world leader in luxury yachting with its 22 international production units, Riva is acknowledged as an icon all over the world thanks to the uniqueness of its products, whose excellence results from more than 160 years of tradition and experience.

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