Andersen Geneve EROS 69

This new reversible version of the famous world most animated horological automaton – never equalised since 1997. The heavy cushion-shaped gold case has a reversible central body with the dial on one side and the automaton on the other side.

For selecting the face, a genius device situated by the crown allows to unlock, turn and re-lock the central body. Every part of the automaton is artistically cut out, miniature-painted and assembled. Each automaton can thus be considered as unique item.

This Andersen Geneve EROS 69 watch was originally unveiled at «Basel World 2007». Andersen and his team of artists and craftsmen have been inspired by the Chinese erotic artwork of the XVII and XVIII century, mostly painted on silk. A great care has been taken to reproduce the authentic original colours in such a reduced dimension of a wristwatch.

Technical details

Model: EROS 69 

  • Movement: Mechanical, special double gear-train, hand-wound
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds and Erotic automaton
  • Case: 750 (18K) white gold, 85 grams, reversible centre; 46×42 mm, 15 mm thick
  • Dial: Hand-painted miniature
  • Bracelet/Strap: Hand-sewn crocodile with buckle



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