CAMEO is different from all the other rectangular time pieces as it is very unique and outstanding watch model of its own. Especially the case, incorporating milled slots on the side, is a piece of jewellery of its own. The looks of the watch is absolutely unique on the market and unbeaten by any other manufacturer.

Of course like any other TEMPTION model, the readability is outstanding. Hands and indexes are intensively illuminated. The crown is screwed; sapphires both on top and bottom, bottom and band links are screwed as well and so on.

The movement is based on ETA 2892A2. The dimensions of the case is 40.5 x 37.5 mm, which is eye catching for a rectangular watch and pleases the masculine attitude for large watches, which are easy to wear without being oversized. The height is just 9.9 mm – unusual flat for such a watch.

CAMEO features an unusual large and rectangular top glass, which is curved on both sides. This top glass made from sapphire, grinded with the very precise radius as the case, is chemically bonded to the case. The water proofness of other rectangular or square watches is limited, because there is a gasket around each glass. Especially the corners are subject to leakage. That’s why other similar watches are not really rectangular but have round corners and sometimes considerable radiuses are incorporated.

Despite that this technology allows only limited water proofness. The CAMEO top sapphire is chemically bonded to the case. In order to hide the bondage there is frame like mirror coating on the inside of the sapphire. That’s why Temption was able to design the top sapphire with sharp and true edges and still have satisfying water proofness.

This technology, to have a large curved sapphire, chemical bonding with frame like mirror coating to hide the bonding and appropriate tolerances to allow that takes a lot of effort. The price for that is as far as Temption sees it more than the price for the entire watch of many competitors.


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