Linde Werdelin Biformeter Watch

LINDE WERDELIN has reinvented the entire concept of a luxury timepiece and sports watch by creating the Biformeter watch with corresponding Land and Sea Instruments. After four years of initial development, this stunning collection redefines horology by seamlessly blending timekeeping sophistication with an ultra-powerful yet extremely useful digital sports instrument. The Biformeter and accompanying instruments for skiing and diving, combine to form the world’s first genuinely uncompromising, high performance sports instrument.

The Biformeter

Available in two versions, the Elemental and the Two Timer (single and dual time zones, respectively), the Biformeter uses an ETA 2892/ 2893 mechanical automatic movement with a 42 hour power reserve. The Biformeter is available in 316L stainless steel or 18K gold and is fitted with a unidirectional bezel suitable for dive timing and each piece features a screw-in back and crown for optimal water resistance to 300m and it is rigorously tested to ensure shock resistance, accuracy and reliability.

The Biformeter Two Timer in gold is available in two models. One is entirely sculpted in 18K yellow gold while the other combines 18K yellow gold with an aluminium bezel in either black or red – with a matching dial and aluminium back case covering.

The Land Instrument

The simple elegance of this 40 gram digital masterpiece (equivalent to 8 sheets of A4 paper) is unmatched in the timekeeping category. It easily clips on top of the Biformeter watch to provide protection, guidance and entertainment when needed. Water resistant to 30m, the Land Instrument is timeless with the software programmed in house to allow us to continually upgrade and improve the functions.

Not only this but all the data stored on the Land Instrument, whether it be from a fitness session, skiing or mountaineering, can be uploaded to a computer to keep for reference and to reflect on the excitement of the activity.

The Sea Instrument

Pushing the boundaries of the modern day dive computer the Sea Instrument blends groundbreaking technology, precision and craftsmanship with the very best in Danish design and software. Cased in lightweight aluminium, divers can choose either a natural or black anodised aluminium finish.

For the ultimate style piece a small number have been commissioned in solid 18K yellow gold. With distinct design in these first class, non-corrosive materials, the Sea Instrument easily attaches on top of the architectural and robust LINDE WERDELIN Biformeter watches, for divers of all abilities.

The Sea Instrument will constantly guide divers, tracking the critical pieces of information needed on any dive using an advanced 3-axis compass, CPU’s and alarm systems. Presenting the data, using strong graphical displays, it features the divers depth, dive time, vital decompression stops, temperature, maximum depth and surface interval times, constantly keeping the user in a real time picture.

The Biformeter watches are manufactured, assembled and tested in Switzerland using only the highest quality components with the instruments software programmed in-house in Denmark. All parts are entirely original and designed especially for the Biformeter by LINDE WERDELIN.

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