Tissot Water Lily

A flower of peace and well being, universally admired, and legendarily born out of love, the water lily unfolds its corolla of pointed petals. Truly feminine beauty transposed into this Tissot gold creation, the golden petals are attached to the wrist with a slim patent leather strap and surround at their heart a mother of pearl dial with a solitary diamond at 12 – a delightful watch for women of all ages.

In the language of flowers, the water lily symbolizes purity of heart and for the Buddhist and Hindu cultures in its lotus form it represents purity of body, speech, and mind, floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire.

Tissot Water Lily watch

The origins of the flower can be found in legends around the world from a star falling from the heavens in Indian folklore, to the transformation of beautiful love-struck maidens for Amazonian and Greek legend, or, for the Ancient Egyptians, creation itself, as the flower rose from the watery chaos at the beginning of time.

In a choice of yellow or rose 18ct gold, with matt or polished finish, the corolla of pointed petals, with at their heart the tender pink of the mother of pearl dial, draws the eye to this unusual timepiece, symbol of tranquility.

With a shimmering white leather strap for summer freshness, or a dark green, red or black patent leather strap for a bolder statement, this Tissot ladies’ model is certain to attract attention. The final touch – a solitary diamond at 12H – gives to this timepiece an ultimate touch of feminine elegance.


– Swiss made quartz movement
– Water resistant to 30 m
– Sapphire crystal
– 18 karat yellow gold – 18 karat pink gold
– White – red – black varnished leather straps
– Mother-of-pearl dial with a solitary diamond

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