Tissot Ball Watch

The Tissot Ball Watch brings stylish working and living spaces a totally new perspective on time. Leaving the task of predicting the future to the objects found in fairytales, the Ball Watch concentrates on the fascination of the present and the past. Visible through the spherical glass is an intricately decorated, mechanical Swiss movement that meticulously monitors the passing of every moment. The past reveals itself through design elements reminding of traditional pocket watches, with the crown and attachment nostalgically commanding the 12 o’clock position and its pocket watch movement.

Whether this unique timepiece is placed in an energized workspace to bring a calming note, or is interacting with the light sources in a contemporary living room, its mesmerising effect is addictive. The glass at the back magnifies the movement inside to show every detail of its mechanics and ornate decoration. With the Ball Watch, the whole is certainly much more than the sum of its parts. By rotating the Ball Watch on its axis, the onlooker is treated to a mosaic of different reflections activated by the glass or palladium-plated frame. Regular reminders of the present appear as the fascinating time display returns to view.

A Swiss pocket watch movement with a manual wind and a lepine configuration powers this modern crystal ball. The movement is visibly enhanced by 17 jewels and elegant swirling engravings on the moothed surfaces. The onlooker can watch the hours and minutes pass by one by one, or even the seconds thanks to an elegant counter at the 6 o’clock position hosting a sweep second hand. After 24 hours, the capacity of the power reserve, it is time to rotate this ‘objet d’art’ once again. The pace of time may be constant – its fascination continually increases under the visual magic spell of the Tissot Ball Watch.

• Swiss Made ETA 6497 mechanical movement (16 ½ ligne; 36.6 mm diameter, 4.5 mm height; decorated, 17 jewels)
• Palladium-plated
• Magnifying glass

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