Jaermann & Stübi St Andrews Links

The “St Andrews Links” collection from Swiss watch brand Jaermann & Stübi has been developed in collaboration with the legendary St Andrews Links golf course in Scotland.

The recently founded watch company Jaermann & Stübi caused a buzz of excitement when it launched its first watch, the Jaermann & Stübi golf watch.

The story of the luxurious golf watch had its beginnings in a model with an automatic mechanical movement and an integrated mechanical golf counter, and it represented a genuine innovation in the watch market. The innovative new company grew rapidly over the course of that first year, achieving a level of success that has now enabled it to develop further models.

Elegant design, impeccable functionality and superb engineering skills are the key characteristics of this new Swiss brand of watches for golfers. The entire watch mechanism is provided with a shock absorber and both the watch movement and the integrated golf counter are designed to be entirely mechanical.

The quality of the watch mechanism is genuinely outstanding, enabling it to comfortably take its place alongside the mechanisms of traditional, high-quality brands. As unashamed perfectionists, watch connoisseurs and passionate golfers, Jaermann & Stübi have developed their products on the basis of top-quality innovations combined with tradition and exclusivity.

The success of their first product was a tremendous boost to company founders Jaermann and Stübi in their search for the perfect mechanical watch for style conscious golfers.

The two entrepreneurs had long cherished the idea of developing a watch in collaboration with St Andrews Links, home to the world’s oldest and most legendary golf course. Recognized as the Home of Golf, St Andrews Links has hosted the game since the 15th century and is renowned as being the place where the rules of the game were set down for the very first time.

The collaborative venture began to take shape when Jaermann & Stübi had the opportunity to participate as sponsors in a tournament in St Andrews in September 2007. This enabled Urs Jaermann and Pascal Stübi to make contact with the prestigious golf venue in a relaxed and informal manner, and they were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic reaction of the St Andrews Links Trust team to the Jaermann & Stübi golf watch. Everything was now in place for a collaborative venture to create a special St Andrews Links model.

One of the key reasons behind the positive response and enthusiasm shown by St Andrews Links Trust was the fact that the Jaermann & Stübi brand focuses all its activities on golf and has positioned itself exclusively as a golf brand, thus pursuing the same values as St Andrews itself.

The brand’s outlook very much corresponds to that of St Andrews Links Trust, and the proceeds from sales of the watch will be contributing towards maintaining and preserving this historic golf course.

The St Andrews Links model is made from steel and boasts exactly the same functions as the classic Jaermann & Stübi watch.

The St Andrews models have the words “St Andrews Links” engraved on the bezel and the coat of arms of the legendary golf venue engraved on the back. In addition, this model is differentiated from the standard models by the fact that various elements appear in blue, the colour of St Andrews. The watch is available in three different designs with three different turning bezels: simple blue-black, silvery steel or studded with 71 blue sapphires and a diamond.

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