de Grisogono Uno Grande Seconde

Introduced in 2006, de GRISOGONO’s Uno Grande Seconde brings sweeping change both to the presentation of passing time and the classic layout of wristwatch dials. It prominently features a large seconds hand at the centre of the dial, while the hours and the minutes are displayed in a sub-dial at 6 o’clock — reversing time-reading habits and bringing a fresh look on time.

Echoing this original approach to time, the dial is a study in originality, a perfectly-controlled play on levels and contrasts. Squares encounter circles. The engine-turned, hobnailed “Clou de Paris” pattern in the grand tradition meets the very contemporary design of the case.

And there is even more contrast between the slim, seconds hand, tipped with the de GRISOGONO crest, and the pair of stylish “dauphine” hands for hours and minutes. Its outcurved rectangular case holds a self-winding mechanical movement featuring a proprietary de GRISOGONO auxiliary module.

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