de Grisogono Occhio Ripetizione Minuti

Introduced in 2005, the Instrumento Occhio Ripetizione Minuti is a wrist-worn, minute-repeater timepiece featuring cathedral gong chimes. Its exclusiveness is further emphasized by a major technical innovation derived from a reflex camera split-second opening: the Instrumento Occhio features a twelve-blade diaphragm that opens to reveal the movement while the chimes are sounding. More compact and sturdier than on a camera, the proprietary diaphragm module that equips the Occhio Ripetizione Minuti also serves as watch dial when closed, and is made of twelve mobile titanium blades.

A fully original contribution to watch-making, the diaphragm opens and shuts instantaneously. It opens through the simultaneous retraction of its twelve blades when the minute repeater is triggered, and shuts immediately after the chime of hours, quarters and minutes on the three gongs. As the watch plays with eye- and vision-based concepts, its design is as transparent as possible.

Secured by six screws, its slightly convex case back reveals the strike of its three hammers on their respective gongs and the elegant decoration of the movement. The other side of the watch features a markedly outcurved, spherical sapphire crystal, reminding of a camera lens, that provides surprisingly clear visibility of the diaphragm and, when the latter opens, of the movement of racks, levers and springs.

As a testimony to the extreme care with which the movement has been finished and decorated, the charcoal-grey hue of its bridges, bars and plates contrasts dramatically with the brightly-polished screw heads, while the moving parts display their original metal colour.

Issued in limited edition.

Technical details
Mechanical hand-wound, by Christophe Claret
Exclusive additional aperture module

Hours, minutes
Hours, quarters and minutes repeater striking three gongs
Cathedral striking

750 (18K) red gold or 750 (18K) blackened white gold and platinum
Domed sapphire crystal
Sapphire back

Matt black, gilt red or silver Arabic numerals, dauphine hands in pink or white gold
Twelve-shutter ceramic aperture

Leather, with gold folding clasp

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