Chronoswiss Spyker “Double12 Pilot Watch” Limited Edition

The platinum version of the Chronoswiss-Spyker “Double12 Pilot Watch” was originally launched in 2004 to coincide with the presentation of the prototype of the Spyker C12 Spyder with upwardly opening “wing doors” at the Miljonair Fair in Amsterdam (2004).

The watch (CH 6430 SPY) was manufactured as a limited series of only 48 pieces worldwide. Each wristwatch costs for EUR 34,700.
Chronoswiss Spyker "Double12 Pilot Watch" Limited Edition watchGerd-R. Lang, founder and owner of the Munich-based watchmaking enterprise Chronoswiss, developed this noble timepiece’s design to complement the sleek appearance of the newest Spyker sport car, which the Dutch automaker will begin to produce in 2006.

The vehicle is equipped with the six-liter W12 engine from the Audi A8: this twelve-cylinder powerhouse generates maximal torque of 600 Nm and delivers 500 horsepower to the open-topped Spyker sport car.

Unmistakable Chronoswiss characteristics also distinguish the Spyker wristwatch. Like nearly all other Chronoswiss watches, this one too has a grooved bezel. The dial’s clearly legible displays are patterned after those found on other wristwatches in Chronoswiss’ line of sport watches. Special features of the platinum watch include: day-night dial with 24-hour display, red lacquered hands, and integrated Spyker logo.

For fans of the 24-hour Le Mans auto race, Spyker also offered a steel version of the Timemaster in a special limited edition of 480 units.

Designated by reference number CH 6433 SPY, this timepiece costs 5.950,– euros. To optimize its legibility, the dial was given with a 24-hour display. The “12” is at the top of the dial, just like the sun in the sky at high noon.

The “24” is at the position ordinarily occupied by the “6.” The “16 hours” index is marked in red because the 24-hour Le Mans auto race begins and ends at 4:00 p.m.

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