Chronoswiss Delphis

Introduced in 1996, the Delphis wristwatch takes inspiration from the sector watches, a special kind of pocket watches circulated from the 1820s.

The sector watch features a dial in the form of a circular segment: a sector, which is why they were known as “sector watches”.

Chronoswiss Delphis watchRotating hands obviously made little sense here, so the watchmakers had to be particularly creative in finding a way of visually representing the time with hands: The hour and minute hands moved in a circular path which corresponded to that of the sector. At the end of the sector they jumped back to their starting position. Watchmakers call this a retrograde time display.

The system of the hands, which, upon arriving at the end of the sector leap backwards energetically, also fascinated Gerd-Rüdiger Lang, the owner of Chronoswiss. But being a watchmaker by profession, and having his own reservations, he wanted to find an indication which fitted in perfectly with the well-known, round Chronoswiss case, while also representing a first in the field of wristwatches.

Its remarkable feature is the semi-circular minute display. The elegant minute-hand makes its way across the circular segment, taking 60 minutes to complete its journey, to then spring back to its starting position.

The hours are displayed in a little window by the “12”. And in the very same instant that the minute hand springs back to its zero position, the hour disc moves over to the next digit.

Chronoswiss Delphis watch

To enable “Delphis” to make these giant leaps simultaneously and instantaneously, the under-dial work, on which patent is pending, continuously takes a little of the power from the exclusive Chronoswiss automatic movement C.124. This energy is stored in tiny springs, and – after being triggered by the complex mechanism – used to carry out the switching processes.

And because every second counts nowadays, a small, totally conventional hand also goes through its motions by the “6”.

In this way, the “Delphis” unites three very contrasting display methods on an aesthetically balanced dial: “retrograde” for the minutes, “digital” for the hours and standard for the seconds.

According to all available information, this combination has never existed before on a wristwatch. And what is more, Delphis has just as little trouble with water depths of up to 30 m as it does in dealing with the giant leaps of joy from its ecstatic owners.

Chronoswiss Delphis watch

In 1998, Chronoswiss won the first place, the “Golden Balance” with this model. In the same year, Chronoswiss received 9th place at “Watch of the Year” at the Chronos innovation price. Already in 1997, Delphis made it to 3rd place at the election of the “Watch of the Year” of the readers of “Armbanduhren” and the WAMS.

During the election of “The best Watches of the World 2003”, awarded by the “Uhrenmagazin” and by “Focus online”, readers and Internet-Users voted the Chronoswiss Delphis to second place in the up to 5,000 Euro category.

When it launched in 1996, Delphis was the only wristwatch world-wide that combines three different displays in one system: retrograde, digital, analog.

Technical details

CH 1420, platinum 950 (62g), limited edition (99 pieces)
CH 1420 mp, platinum 950 (62g), limited edition (99 pieces)
CH 1421, 18ct. gold (48g)
CH 1421 mp, 18ct. gold(48g)
CH 1421 R, 18ct. red gold (48g)
CH 1421R co, 18ct. red gold (48g)
CH 1421 R bl, 18ct. red gold (48g)
CH 1421 R mp, 18ct. red gold (48g)
CH 1421 W, 18ct. white gold (48g)
CH 1422, 18ct. gold (12g)/steel
CH 1422 R, 18ct. red gold (12g)/steel
CH 1422 R co, 18ct. red gold (12g)/steel
CH 1422 R mp, 18ct. red gold (12g)/steel
CH 1423, steel
CH 1423 co, bl, bk, mp, steel.

24-hours, minute, second

Massive 19-part case, ø 38 mm, height 11,00 mm, smoothed and polished, screwed, decorative bezel with non-reflective sapphire crystal, screwed back with full thread and non-reflective sapphire crystal, turnip crown, screwed-on strap bars with patented Autobloc safety system, water-resistant up to 3 atm (30 m)

Manufacture Caliber C. 124, automatic winding, ø 26,80 mm (11¾ ´´´), 32 Jewels, Incabloc shock-absorber,35 hours power-reserve, 3 Hz., 21.600 vibrations per hour (vph), Swiss patent pending, individually numbered

Massive, guilloché 925 Sterling-Silver dial, with printed Arabic numerals, Models are available with different dials: mother pearl (mp),blue (bl), copper (co), black (bk), polished, blued or white varnished steel hands

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