Chronoswiss Répétition à quarts – The World’s First Wristwatch with Quarter-Hour Repetition

A higher being allows the entire history of the world to be repeated, the same way clocks are repeated.” This word of wisdom stems from no lesser than the physicist and writer Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. When he wrote this aphorism in Göttingen almost 200 years ago, the watchmaker genius Abraham-Louis Breguet was working on making his repeaters even smaller and more technically precise in Paris. For example, adding a melodious-sounding gong.

Even back then, watchmaker minds came to the realization that repeaters are only really useful if a mechanism can avoid faulty beats during insufficient operation of the pusher. Here, Daniel Quare had another inspiration of a special kind. His “all-or-nothing-safety” mechanism ensured that the acoustical dimension of time functions precisely or not at all.

Nevertheless, his repeaters must have been seen as an anachronism at the time of the invention of the light bulb in the 19th century. At that moment in time, the sounding mechanisms found their way to the wrists of wealthy contemporaries. They resemble normal wristwatches due to their purist design. Just a little pusher or slide at the left side of the case indicates the many little parts that are mainly hidden under the dial. This is just one reason that these fine timekeepers are a test for true expertise to this day.

This fact moved the Munich-based master watchmaker, Gerd-Rüdiger Lang to enrich these small, but fine repeater-annals with a very interesting new chapter. His Chronoswiss Quarter Repeater proves that the “Faszination der Mechanik” can still have another acoustical dimension in the beginning of the 21st century than just the standard ticking of the time-dividing tool.

A push of the pusher at the “10” position suffices to hear the tone of precious time exactly to every 15 minutes in this collection piece. It’s the world’s only wristwatch with quarter-hour repetition.

This creation was possible due to the close cooperation of well-known mechanical experts. Alongside the Munich-based watch manufacturer, Chronoswiss, which contributed the manufactory’s own exclusive automatic Caliber C.126, the renowned manufacturer of complicated pieces, Dubois-Dépraz from the remote Vallée de Joux, participated in the development of this mechanical marvel. Dubois-Dépraz supplied the fine repeater module E94 (all-or-nothing safety device) with eight jewels and a diameter of 28 millimeters. One little hammer strikes its gong to ring out the number of hours (“ding”), then two little hammers strike against two meticulously tuned gongs to ring out the number of quarter-hours (“ding-dong”).

The sound of the Chronoswiss Répétition à quarts is so extraordinary that it just cannot be described accurately in words. One just has to hear it.Very specially shaped hands, so-called “Breguet Conique Squelette,” were chosen for this unusual model. These hands are available only from Chronoswiss.

Technical details
CH 1640, platinum (95g) limited edition (99 pieces)
CH 1641, 18ct. gold (75g)
CH 1641 R, 18ct. red gold (75g)
CH 1641 W, 18ct. white gold (75g)
CH 1643, steel
CH 1643 co, steel, copper dial
CH 1641 R bk
CH 1643 bk

Sweep hour and minute
Small second

Massive 25-part case, pusher and crown massive in the material of case, ø 40 mm, height 13,80 mm, smoothed and polished dial,Screwed-in, polished bezel with non-reflective sapphire crystal, Screwed-in bottom with full thread and non-reflective sapphire crystal,Turnip crown, repeater pusher at the “10” position, Screwed-in lugs with patented Autobloc System, water-resistant to 3 atm (30 m)

Manufacture Caliber C. 126 Movement ø 26,80 mm (11 3/4”’), 30 Jewels, shock absorber Incabloc, fine Regulation for index with excenter, 35 hours power reserve, 3 Hz., 21.600 A/h vibrations per hour (vph), individually numbered

Automatic repeater with small second, (all or nothing safety), hour- and quarter-repeater

Striking-work module E 94 (Dubois-Depraz), reserved especially for Chronoswiss. Dial-side mounted, ø 28 mm, height 8,35 mm, 8 Jewels, Quarter-hour repetition with “all-or-nothing” safety device, Repeater on two gongs beat

Massive 925 Sterling-Silver dial, painted,blue-varnished steel hands, Shape: Breguet Conique Squelette

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