Vacheron Constantin Kallista

The Kallista is one of the most amazing jewellery watches crafted by Vacheron Constantin. This unique, exceptional and fabulous watch, called Kallista, which means “the most beautiful” in Greek, has created with the involvement of several talented artists including the painter Raymond Moretti.

Vacheron Constantin Kallista watch

Many challenges had to be overcome to select the 118 emerald-cut brilliants between 1,2 and 4 carats (130 carats), matching perfectly and dressing the bracelet, the dial and the back of the case; to sculpture out of a one kilogram solid gold bloc the setting elements; to set the Vacheron Constantin flattest movement in its category, involving 6000 working hours for 20 months.

Kallista, “the most beautiful”, is a unique time-piece in the world, evidence, in addition to the Swiss high-luxurious watchmaking dynamism, of the fidelity of Vacheron Constantin manufactory – the oldest in the world – to the spirit of the “cabinotiers” of the XVIIIth century, since 1755. Those watchmakers, erudite artists of the technical and aesthetic perfection, whose creations are nowadays still works of art.

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