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Montblanc Advent Calendar – The World´s Most Expensive Advent Calendar

The excitement and feverish anticipation of the surprises hidden behind the little doors on an Advent calendar; being allowed to open one door each day and to discover something very special behind it, are cherised childhood memories.

Montblanc, world-famous manufacturer of exquisite writing instruments, leather goods, watches, jewellery and accessories, created this unique luxury Advent calendar worth 1 Million Swiss Francs.

Introduced by Montblanc in 2002, the “world’s most expensive Advent calendar” which costs about 1 Million Swiss Francs, is an exact reproduction, on a scale of 1:20, of the “Villa Montblanc” in Le Locle, situated in the Jura region of Switzerland. Since 1997, the Montblanc Meisterstück watch collection has been handcrafted in Le Locle, at Montblanc Montre S.A., following the tradition of Swiss watchmaking.

The faithful reproduction of this Art Nouveau villa is 1.42 m high and is furnished with the most expensive Montblanc products. Behind the 24 illuminated windows there are 60 exquisite products from the finest Montblanc collections: luxury writing instruments, exclusive leather goods, jewellery accessories and watches – masterpieces crafted in precious metals, gems and the finest leather.

The crowning glory is the door opened on Christmas Eve – behind it one will discover the highlights of the Montblanc collection: Montblanc’s most expensive fountain pen, the solid gold Meisterstück Solitaire Royal, which is encrusted with 4,810 flawless diamonds and is worth SFR 200,000 as well as a selection of other diamond-covered products from the Solitaire Royal Collection.

Behind one of the other 24 doors there is another exceptionally rare collector’s item: the first Limited Edition Patron of Art writing instrument, named after Lorenzo di Medici, which was launched 1992. This stunning solid gold fountain pen has a collectors’ value of more than SFR 40,000.

Like the real “Villa Montblanc” in Le Locle, the Montblanc Advent Calendar offers an opportunity to take pleasure in the beautiful things in life. And that is precisely what each of the exquisite Montblanc products behind the windows and doors of the miniature Villa Montblanc inspire one to do: to cherish a unique moment, reflect and enjoy – to take time for moments in life which really matter.

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