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Favre Leuba Mercury Collection – Mercury Chronograph FL 301, Mercury Big Date FL 302 and Mercury Power Reserve FL 303

In a return to its origins, Favre-Leuba launched a new collection in 2007: Mercury. Inspired by the eclipse of the planet Mercury by Venus in 1737 – the year that the Favre Manufacture was officially registered – this collection marks the return of the brand to the centre of the watch stage. The Mercury collection illustrates Favre-Leuba’s on-going commitment to quality and inspiration as well as its dedication to perfection.

It comprises three model : Mercury Chronograph FL 301, Mercury Big Date FL 302 and Mercury Power Reserve FL 303. 

All models of the Mercury collection are fitted with the automatic Favre-Leuba calibre driven by the wearer’s movements. Individual versions are available, but all have one thing in common – perfection in every detail – Nothing less. Each individual watch from the Mercury collection is handmade by Favre-Leuba master-watchmakers. All stand out for their unique design and the distinctive features specific to the “Maison”.

The worldwide-exclusive “Embedded Running Indicator” (ERI) and the “Bidirectional /
Crown Locking System” (B/CLS) are totally unique, as are the automatic Favre-Leuba movements themselves.

The bi-metallic ERI (Embedded Running Indicator, white circle left) counter is coupled to the seconds hand and stamped with an hourglass, the brand’s traditional symbol. Partially hidden and enlivening the dial, this function reflects the duality of the conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the year Favre-Leuba was founded and symbolises the vitality and inner life of the watch.

The Mercury collection is equipped with Favre-Leuba’s innovative, patented Bidirectional Crown Locking System (B/CLS, white circle right), which has been designed to prevent any accidental manipulation of the crown and thereby unintentionally changing the date or time. It actually comprises two crowns: an inner crown, which is first turned either clockwise or anti-clockwise to unlock the system, and an outer crown which can then be pulled out to set the date or time.

A red marker on the bridge between the two crowns indicates when the system is unlocked. Another innovation enables the movement to be wound by hand regardless of the position of the B/CLS. Water-resistance is guaranteed even when the system is unlocked with the outer crown pulled out to its setting position.

Mercury Big date FL 302

Technical details

Mercury Chronograph FL 301

Technical details

Mercury Power reserve FL 303(STEEL COLLECTION)

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