Blancpain Léman Aqua Lung Minute Repeater Ref. 2835

Faithful to its longstanding tradition of innovation, the Manufacture in Le Brassus presents a revolutionary water-tight case for its Minute Repeater.

A wealth of know-how and ingenuity have been poured into devising a mechanism that strikes the hours, quarters and minutes on request – and all the while ensuring it is water resistant to a depth of 100 metres and that not even a single drop of water will disturb the complex operation of the world’s thinnest and smallest-diameter minute repeater movement. A patent has naturally been filed for this innovation.

Thanks to Blancpain’s ingenuity and innovative spirit, the proud owner of a Minute Repeater watch will now be able to splash around with a watch on his wrist.

Blancpain Léman Aqua Lung Minute Repeater

On a “classic” minute repeater watch, the external repeater slide that actuates the striking mechanism is directly linked to the winding lever. When it is pushed home, the slide reveals an opening along the side of the case, thereby exposing the movement to the inevitable infiltration of any surrounding liquids.

Blancpain has remedied the situation by developing an ingenious gear system that connects the repeater slide to the repeater actuating lever via two racks and a transmission shaft, itself composed of two intermediate wheels and fitted with two “O-Ring” gaskets that ensure the system is water-tight. This innovation has naturally been protected by filing a patent.

Blancpain Répétition Minutes Aqua Lung (Ref 2835 - Léman Aqua Lung Minute Repeater) water proof system
Blancpain Répétition Minutes Aqua Lung (Ref 2835 – Léman Aqua Lung Minute Repeater) water proof system

A rare and precious object, the Minute Repeater mechanism holds a place of its own in the field of horological complications. Creating each minute repeater model represents a daunting challenge for the master-watchmakers, since each of the tiny components that he assembles with infinite precision calls for numerous adjustments. Above and beyond the technical innovation and mechanical complexity they involve, such movements also draw upon a thorough knowledge of alloys and acoustics.

Only by combining several types of expertise can such a fine-toned and eminently audible mechanism be accommodated within such a small space, thanks to the magic touch of two small hammers striking the so-called “cathedral” gong. The latter boasts a sound that is remarkable both for its richness and its length. In harmony with the noblest watchmaking traditions, Blancpain has risen to these amazing challenges and has fully mastered the making of Minute Repeater wristwatches that represent a blend of complex mechanical engineering, technical innovation and exceptional acoustics.

Blancpain Léman Aqua Lung Minute Repeater Titanium

The new water-tight Léman Aqua Lung Minute Repeater (ref. 2835) combines fascinating auditory pleasures with inventive technical solutions.

Topped by a sapphire crystal that is glare-proofed on either side, its 40mm-diameter case comes in titanium or 5N red gold – both materials featuring exceptional acoustic properties. It houses Calibre 351, a self-winding movement comprising 360 parts entirely decorated and adjusted by hand.

Blancpain Léman Aqua Lung Minute Repeater brushed red goldRadiating the understated elegance of true refinement, the matt black dial displays the hours, minutes and this prestigious signature: “Blancpain Répétition Minutes” – “Pièce unique”. Truly unique by definition, the new Léman Aqua Lung Minute Repeater is fitted with a solid case-back that may be customised according to the owner’s wishes.

The hand-sewn crocodile leather strap lined with alzavel is fitted with a new folding clasp system composed of two folding blades.

When open, the latter reveal Blancpain’s engraved “JB” logo. Guided with unfailing accuracy by a built-in spring, they look every bit like a traditional pin buckle when they are closed.

Technical details

Model: Blancpain Leman Minute Repeater Aqua Lung

Ref. 2835-3630-55B: Brushed red gold version with black dial
Ref. 2835-1230-55B: Titanium version with black dial

Material: Brushed red gold or Titanium
Case thickness: 10.84 mm
Case diameter: 40 mm
Water resistance: 100 m
Between horns: 22 mm
Patented water-resistance system
Case-back engraving that may be personalized

Self-winding Calibre 351
Calibre thickness: 4.85 mm
Calibre diameter: 23.90 mm
Power reserve: 40 hours
Jewels: 39
Components: 360

Hour and minutes
Minute repeater with Cathedral gong

Black dial “Aqua Lung”

Crocodile strap

Limited edition
Unique Pieces

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