Ernest Borel TechnoSports Collection

Ernest Borel launched its latest 2008 sports watch collection -TechnoSports Collection, which presents the dynamic side of the brand apart from its elegance in a romantic ambiance.

TechnoSports Collection uses professional Swiss quartz chronograph movement, equipping with 30 seconds, 5 seconds and 60 seconds timer function. The stainless steel case is 42mm in diameter that is elaborately-polished, together with PVD bezel and embossed push button. The watch is mainly in cool black, with the dial and indicators offering a choice of yellow, orange and white that symbolizing vigor, dynamic and elegance respectively.

The back of the watch case has a unique design of the colorful motif of 5 continents, which symbolizes a vision of “One world, One dream” under the same sky for the mankind. It highlights the yearning for a world of equality, harmony, fair competition and sustainable co-existence.

The design not only emphasizes its refined structure, but also its sapphire crystal watch case, screw crown and 50m water-resistance function. This collection comes with a steel bracelet and refreshed TPU strap available for choice.

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