Ernest Borel Artist Collection – Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Watch

The Skeleton automatic mechanical watch is a typical example combining the Swiss exquisite technique and Ernest Borel’s romance philosophy. It is also a wonderful production of the brand.

You will actually experience the precision and magical actions of mechanical watch with Ernest Borel’s skeleton automatic mechanical watch, such as the winding and release of spring, the high frequency of balance wheel oscillation, the elasticity of balance springs, the mystical escapement, the role implementation and systematic rotation of gears, the engagement and disengagement and time regulation of the clutch mechanism, and the way how the automatic mechanism relies on natural swinging of the wristwatch to make it wind, which in return delivers energy to the watch continuously.

You will also see clearly each of the rubies that are bearing the rotating axes, and even the lubricant inside the watch. Ernest Borel’s skeleton automatic mechanical watch defines the inner meaning of movement and time visually, and hence revokes people that time is precious. Mechanical watch does not only represent a visual art, but also enables interaction of minds and communication of emotions.

Carving movement means carving as much as possible the bridges and other components of the movement without spoiling their functions and leaving only its skeleton. Carving movement requires a calm mind and exquisite technique. Any lapse will cause the previous hard work go down the drain. So each product is embodied with the painstaking efforts of the watchmakers. It is as if they are tending a new born baby scrupulously with all their concentration. Upon completion of carving, the watchmakers will polish the skeleton, and further engrave it with decorative strips. Polish and engraving procedures require real technical skills, craftsmanship and a great deal of time. The work is often accomplished with the help of a magnifier.

Ernest Borel’s skeleton watch employs a transparent dial scale. The perspective effect will not influence the accurate reading of time. The use of sapphire crystal enables you to appreciate the movement work from upside and downside. The perfect match of the steel 20 micron gilded case with the gold movement is the ingenious intelligence and magical techniques of the watchmakers.

Global limited collection – 1500 watches, each bearing a unique serial number.

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