Ernest Borel Aegean Sea Collection

This special-“Aegean Sea” couple watch set collection helps you to express your sincere love to your beloved with the association of the most romantic city on hand.

Ernest Borel’s“Aegean Sea” collection has embedded the “heart-shaped” motif in the design. On the shell-shaped flashy color dial, classic motif outlines heart-shaped graphic with state-of-the-art craftsmanship. It simulates the changing sea color of the “Aegean Sea”, sometimes green as jade and sometimes blue as sky. Radiating strips in the center of the watch dial accentuate the visual effect, the flashy color diffuse like water color.

Adding glamour to the watch, not only does the designer set 80 (Gentlemen) and 54 (Ladies) natural diamonds on the case, but also 10 (Gentlemen) and 9 (Ladies) rubies on the dial. These details make the watch all the more extravagant, the long-lasting diamonds echoes with the continuity of time that witnesses the lasting love and passion, while rubies symbolizes honesty and passion that brings about auspiciousness. The combination perfectly expresses the romance and compassion of the “Aegean Sea”.

The simplicity and well-defined shape epitomize the precious love that lingers between lovers. Its automatic mechanical movement is comfortable and light in size which is turning away from the heavy competitive sense common in the market.

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