Harry Winston – Project Z5 and Lady Z

At Basel-world 2008, Harry Winston unveiled the fifth edition of Project Z watches.

Project Z5 is the next evolution in the prestigious Project Z Series by Harry Winston Timepieces. Bringing together for the first time a tourbillon mechanism and two time zones, the Z5 caters to men who frequently traveler, as well as also to those who are in tune with the world.

Capturing the distinct, sporty character of the watch, the marvelous complication, the tourbillon mechanism (automatic), is displayed at 6 o’clock. With the Z5, Harry Winston’s master watchmakers have added a new challenge with the inclusion of a double time zone. The first time zone – for the reference city – is placed off-centre at 2 o’clock, while the second, smaller time zone – for the visited city – is at 9 o’clock.

A jumping display, in French, contains names of 24 worldwide cities corresponding to each of the 24 time zones. Further displaying the expertise in craftsmanship, the creators of Z5 have gone one step further by simplifying the handling of this complication – the hour and the city can simultaneously be adjusted by simply turning the crown.

The tourbillon is held in a Zalium case, a material perfectly fashioned by the company and unique to Harry Winston haute horlogerie. The vertical guillochage of the dial reflects the elegance and codified beauty of the watch. A choice of leather or rubber strap features an embossed, stylized three-bladed shuriken design.

Technical details

Name: Project Z5
Reference: 400/MATTZ45ZC.A

Self-winding tourbillon
Power reserve: 110 hours
Jewels Bearings: 34 rubies

Hours, minutes and small seconds (tourbillon)
GMT with an aperture displaying the second time-zone city indicator

Diameter: 45mm
Water resistance: 100m (10 ATM)Lady Z:

Anthracite, Côtes de Genève design

Buckle: Zalium

Lady Z

Harry Winston Lady Z is the first women’s timepiece with a Zalium setting. Inspired by the mythical goddess Luna, design and function of Lady Z evoke the unique dualities and femininity of the moon — light and dark, subtlety and strength.

Creating a celestial stage for the lunar mechanism, the lower part of the dial features an elliptical opening, with two moons crafted in aventurine for a subtle mixture of spangled and sequined deep blue. Each moon – one white, one black – is finished with a comet’s tail trace, set in shaded tones of diamonds and black sapphires. The whimsical mechanism is wound using a flush push button, located at 2 o’clock.

A two colored dial evokes the radiance and dark energy of the moon in its many phases. A luminous silver-plated dial features Arabic numerals set-out in eye-catching rays, creating a striking contrast with the black of the ellipse. A second dial captures the elegance of the night sky, featuring a dark background with the time zone illuminated by pavé diamonds. Set in Zalium, a rare and difficult material to fashion, Harry Winston’s master jewelers have impeccably set the bezel and horns with a series of exceptional diamonds, enhancing the elegant, feminine feel. A special edition Lady Z, shown without the numerals, will be exclusively available at Harry Winston salons.

Technical details

Name: Lady Z
Reference: 400/UAMP36ZL.W/D3.1

Power reserve: 42 hours
Jewels: 36 rubies

Offset hours and minutes
Double moon phase
Small seconds with Shuriken

Dimensions: Diameter: 36mm
Stones: 56 diamonds
Water resistance: 100 meters (10 ATM)

Guilloché, rhodium diamond-set beveled edge
Moons: Moon 1: 16 diamonds
Moon 2: 9 diamonds
7 black sapphires

Buckle: Zalium set with 33 diamonds

Total carats
3 ct

About Project Z

Harry Winston has consistently demonstrated a taste for challenges, applying its philosophy – nothing but the exceptional – to each of its timepieces. In 2004, the brand set a new challenge to create an original and limited watch representing a bridge between heritage and modernity, with a subtle blend of sport and high-tech. This principle gave rise to Project Z, featuring a design and a material – Zalium, previously unknown in Haute Horologerie – representing a first step towards the Harry Winston timepieces of tomorrow.

Zalium was developed by Ronald Winston, a noted chemical engineer, who, like his father, Harry Winston, knew how to distinguish a great diamond from a good one. As an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) researcher of rocket propellants, he became an expert in the special zirconium alloys used in jet and rocket engines. He realized that a metal that could withstand superheated corrosive gasses in the high-stress interior of a rocket motor would be perfect for the creation of an indestructible wristwatch.

In addition, zirconium is non-reactive and hypo-allergenic (it is used to make surgical implants and instruments), harder than titanium and almost as light. Its luster hints at the fact that it is more commonly found on the moon than on Earth. Ronald Winston identified one zirconium alloy that seemed to give off a special gleam. He named it Zalium for zirconium (Zr) and the allium lily.

PROJECT Z1:  Launched in 2004, the first Project Z1 introduced three world firsts in watchmaking: its material, Zalium, until then only used in aerospace technology; its automatic chronograph movement with off-centered triple retrograde display; its case, whose famous arcs were moved to 3 o’clock to serve as a crown guard.

PROJECT Z2 DIVER: In 2005, Harry Winston took the Z concept a step further – or deeper – creating the Project Z2 Diver, the world’s first Zalium chronograph dive watch, water-resistant to 200 meters. Zalium (case, clasps and back), platinum (unidirectional bezel) and leather (bracelet) were combined to decorate this watch with its contrasting and harmonious elements.

PROJECT Z3: Launched in 2006, the third version in the Z platform features one of the most beautiful complications in horology – an automatic tourbillon with the frame’s rotation system located within. Project Z3 also includes another distinct attribute: a ‘warning’ system informing the wearer that the power reserve is spent and it is necessary to rewind the watch.

PROJECT Z4:  Travel and different time zones, became the focus of the collection’s fourth model. Housed in a 44mm-diameter case, the Project Z4 has dual time zone displays positioned at 2 ‘o clock and 9 ‘o clock, both with day and night indicators and a large vertical date display located at 6 ‘o clock.

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