Bedat & Co Ref. 207 (N°2 Collection)

Swiss watch brand Bedat & Co launches a new collection in a shape that is unprecedented in the brand range, the first such major introduction since 2004. This key new development unveiled at Baselworld 2008 confirms the new aesthetic direction adopted by William Devine in 2007. N°2 will now be the number used to refer to Bedat & Co oval watches.

In choosing numbers to name its collections, Bedat & Co has opted for powerful time-defying values that convey a definite sense of differentiation. N°2 is the symbol of reunion, of a set of two interdependent elements, and more specifically in philosophy, of two complementary principles. It is a positive number in Chinese culture and ideograms often appear in pairs for the conception of brand names. It sounds like the word “easy” in Cantonese. The number 2 also stands for Yin, the symbol of femininity and imagination.

Bedat & Co is reviving its own codes in an extremely creative manner. Its new N°2 collection is at once timeless and resolutely contemporary – complementary qualities that are inseparably entwined with the Bedat & Co spirit.

Ref. 207 is a watch on the move. The numerals appear to be floating around like feathers escaping from the dial. One of them has indeed succeeded, since the Bedat & Co “signature” figure “8” has drifted over to settle on the wristband lug, where it is highlighted by a precious metal in a color different from that of the case: yellow gold on the steel timepiece and white gold on the yellow gold version. This contrast is accentuated by the slightly raised hour-markers that are golden for the steel cases and silver-colored for the yellow gold cases.

The subtly cambered case middle will wrap itself snugly around even the daintiest wrists. Ref. 207 is presented here with a champagne-colored satin strap. Its classic oval shape exudes an original air of femininity. And if some people may see its shape as resembling that of a swing mirror, that is doubtless because a Bedat & Co watch is a reflection of the woman wearing it: at once sophisticated and pure, discreet and daring.

Loyal to the Art Déco traditions, collection N°2 is imbued with a love of fine design that extends to the smallest details. It is both timeless and resolutely contemporary. Representing the quintessence of the Bedat & Co values, it is distinguished by the purity of its style and by its intricate craftsmanship.

It embodies the emotion procured by well-mastered artistry of the kind that gives rise to exceptional creations. The N°2 collection is quite simply a natural and its first new expression, Ref. 207, is an eloquent tribute to feminine grace and sophistication.

First of all, while the oval shape of the N°2 collection can be found in Art Déco sketches, it is unlike that of any other timepiece. Moreover, Bedat & Co watches are immediately recognizable due to several stand-out features: the figure “8”, a symbol of prosperity and good luck is always highlighted; the luminescent hands are designed exclusively for Bedat & Co; and the inscription “Swiss A.O.S.C.” appears on the dial.

Each timepiece is stamped with the “8” maker’s mark and accompanied by an A.O.S.C. certificate, standing for Appellation d’Origine Suisse Certifiée (certified label of Swiss origin). Both guarantee the Swiss quality of not only the components, but also of the know-how applied to each stage in their production. Ref. 207 is equipped with an ETA 956.032 quartz movement.

Technical details

Ref. 207.010.605

Quartz movement
ETA caliber 956.032
Water resistance tested: 5 ATM
Oval-shaped case
Stainless steel case
18-carat yellow gold lug
“Thumbtack” crown
Sapphire crystal
Silver-coloured dial
“Feather” Roman numeral
Exclusive BEDAT & C° steel hands
Satin strap
Pin buckle
A.O.S.C. certification

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