Seiko Credor Pocket Watch 120th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

In January 2001, Seiko Corporation announced the release of two limited edition Credor pocket watch models (GXAY995 and GXAY996) to mark the 120th anniversary of the Japanese watchmaking company.

The first model from this series was an 18K white gold pocket watch with Takamaki-e lacquer decoration (GXAY995). Takamaki-e is a technique in which the pattern is raised with lacquer and then polished by sprinkling gold powder. Characterized by a three-dimensional finish, it is a particularly elaborate maki-e work.

Credor GXAY995 features a white dial with Breguet numerals, small seconds at 6H and power reserve display near 9 o’clock. Limited to just 20 pieces, this timepiece had a retail price of 2,600,000 yen.

The second model (GXAY996) has an 18K yellow gold case. Price at 1,200,000 yen, this version was proposed in a limited edition of 100 pieces.

Seiko Credor Pocket Watch 120th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

These Seiko 120th anniversary (1881-2001) timepieces from Credor feature a hunter case structure that can be opened and closed on both the front and back lids, reminiscent of the pocket watch “Seiko Excellent” that was adopted as an “imperial silver watch” from 1907 (Meiji 40).

Since the 120th anniversary of its founding was in 2001, the beginning of the new century, Credor GXAY995 symbolizes the transition of the century with the “sunrise and sunset” reflected on the surface of the sea. This artistic expression was created by using Takamaki-e on an 18K white gold case. It was carefully finished by the maki-e masters of the group of maki-e artists, Kokukokai. The shape of the surging waves drawn on the front case “Sunrise” features the three-dimensional effect unique to Takamaki-e.

The 18K yellow gold case Credor GXAY996 symbolizes the accumulation of 120 years of history in the annual ring pattern. This delicate ring pattern is composed of a total of 120 lines: 50 on the front cover and 70 on the back cover. A knurling pattern divided into 120 is also applied to the side of the torso.

The attached chain of each timepiece was specially made by “Domei”, a long-established braid shop founded in the middle of the Edo period with a history of over 300 years.

The 120th anniversary characters and serial number (No. 01/20 to 20/20 or No. 001/100 to 100/100) are engraved on the middle pig on the inside of the back case. Each timepiece was delivered with a dedicated glass dome display base that can be used as a table clock or a pocket watch as an ornament.

Technical details

Model: Seiko Credor 120th Anniversary Limited Edition “Pocket Watch”

Reference numbers
GXAY995: 18K white gold
GXAY996: 18K yellow gold

18K white gold makie case (GXAY995)
18K yellow gold case (GXAY996)
Sapphire glass
Case diameter: 44.7mm
Thickness: 13.5mm
Hunter case structure
Commemorative characters and serial number engraved on the middle case

Mechanical caliber 4S79
Time accuracy: +15 seconds to -10 seconds per day (when used at temperatures between 5 and 35°C)
Power reserve: 40 hours or more
Jewels: 31
Frequency: 28,800 vibrations/1h
Power reserve indicator function
Movement diameter: 26.0mm
Movement thickness: 4.1mm

GXAY995: Limited to 20 pieces
GXAY996: Limited to 100 pieces

Price (excluding tax in 2001)
GXAY996 1.2 million yen
GXAY995 2.6 million yen