Casio G-1000 G-Shock Chronograph

Casio has released new G-1000 series of G-Shock chronograph watches. The watches in the new series feature state-of-the-art chronograph modules powered by five independent motors, and all of the new models boast face designs reminiscent of the instrument panels found in automobiles and motorcycles.

The Casio G-1000 G-Shock Chronographs are designed around themes such as racing cars and racing bikes pushing the limits of speed. The designs express the spirit of the constantly evolving G-Shock, a watch brand built for the pursuit of ultimate performance.

The new watches boast enhanced shock resistance, thanks to the composite bezel construction featuring a combination of two different materials: metal and resin. The incorporation of leading-edge chronograph modules powered by five independent motors gives the user a total of seven hands for indicating a wide variety of vital data, including chronograph measurements, world time display, alarm, and perpetual calendar.

Casio G-1000 G-Shock Chronograph

The designs of these new models exemplify their intricate mechanisms, and every watch delivers outstanding performance and a wide range of functions.

All the watches have a composite structure. There is a beautiful forged stainless steel bezel featuring machined cuts and a polished finish — absolutely all unnecessary thickness has been honed away.

This is combined with a urethane bezel. The stainless steel bezel takes the force of an impact, while the urethane bezel absorbs the shock. The new lineup consists of six models featuring differing watch face and accent colors, as well as a choice of materials for the band.

Of particular note is the fact that the G-1000H models include an ion plating finish over the forged stainless steel bezel, which not only boosts abrasion resistance but also creates an even tougher presence thanks to its deep luster.

Technical details

Collection: Casio G-1000 G-Shock Chronograph

G-1000D-1ADR: Metal band with Black face
G-1000D-9ADR: Metal band with White face
G-1000-1ADR: Resin band with Black face
G-1000-7ADR: Resin band with White face
G-1000H-1ADR: Resin band with Black face and Ion Plating on Bezel
G-1000H-9ADR: Resin band with Gold face and Ion Plating on Bezel


Water Resistance
200 meters

Main Functions
Stopwatch accurate to 1/20 sec., World time (29 time zones, city code display, daylight saving on/off), Daily alarm, Full auto-calendar

Regular Timekeeping
Hour, minute (hand moves every 10 seconds), second, 24-hour, day, date

Accuracy at Normal Temperature
±20 seconds per month

Approx. Battery life
2 years on SR927W

Size of Case/Total Weight
G-1000:47mm×46.9mm×16.2mm / 77g
G-1000H: 47mm×46.9mm×16.2mm / 77g
G-1000D: 47mm×46.9mm×16.2mm / 148g