Seiko Landtrek Titanium with Perpetual Calendar and 24H/GMT

Introduced in 2000, Seiko Landtrek with Perpetual Calendar and 24H/GMT is a full-scale outdoor watch endowed with functions required for mountaineering and trekking. Three references were available in the inaugural series: SBCJ007, SBCJ009 and SBCJ011.

To make this timepiece, the company utilized the inputs from Japanese mountaineer Mr. Ken Noguchi, who conquered the highest peaks on seven continents in the world. In order to reduce fatigue when walking for long periods of time during mountaineering and trekking, the case, bezel and bracelet of Seiko Landrec are made of lightweight titanium.

The bezel of Seiko Landtrek Perpetual Calendar 24H/GMT watch is made of PH titanium (plasma carburized hardened titanium). PH titanium is hardened not only on the surface but also on the inside. About 5 times harder than regular titanium, it prevents scratches and dents from impact during harsh use.

Seiko Landtrek Titanium with Perpetual Calendar and 24H/GMT

The hands and hour markers are enhanced with Lumibrite, a luminous paint that does not contain radioactive substances. Due to the property that the brightness of Lumibrite is proportional to the volume, the company adopted a method of injecting several times the usual amount, especially for the hour mark, to further improve its visibility.

The 24-hour hand can also be used for simple direction measurement. In the northern hemisphere, if the 24-hour hand points toward the sun, the 12 o’clock hour mark points north, making it easy to measure the direction.

Seiko Landtrek SBCJ009

Landtrek is equipped with the Seiko 8F56, a quartz caliber with perpetual calendar and 24 hour/GMT function. It is popular for its advanced features such as no need to adjust the calendar at the end of the month until February 2100, yearly difference of ±20 seconds, and battery life of about 10 years.

Technical details

Model: Seiko Landtrek Titanium with Perpetual Calendar and 24-H

Seiko 8F56 quartz caliber
(With a 24-hour hand, no need to modify the calendar until February 2100)
Time accuracy: Within ± 20 seconds per year (when worn on the arm at a temperature of 5 ° C to 35 ° C)
Battery life: About 10 years

Pure titanium case
Diameter: 41mm
Lug to lug: 44mm
Thickness: 12mm
Lug width: 19mm
Bezel: PH Titanium (Plasma Carburized Hardened Titanium)
Glass: Hardlex
Pure titanium case-back
Water resistance to 20 bar/200m

SBCJ007: Black
SBCJ009: Green
SBCJ011: Blue

Pure titanium

Also available: Seiko Landtrek Perpetual Calendar

The Seiko Landtrek watch is also available without the bezel and 24-H hand. Available in 40mm and 37mm versions, these versions are equipped with the Seiko 8F32 quartz movement with date at 4H with perpetual calendar function.

Once set, the date automatically adjusts for odd and even months including February of leap years up to February 28, 2100. Launched in December 2000, these Seiko Landtrek Perpetual Calendar watches feature pure titanium case, screw-lock crown, Hardlex glass and 200m water-resistance.

Seiko Landtrek Perpetual Calendar watches

Among these models, references SBCM013, SBCM015 and SBCM017 have 40mm cases. These models SBCM019 and SBCM021 feature 37mm cases. Two dial choices were offered: Black (SBCM013/17/19/21) and Blue (SBCM015).

Seiko Landtrek Perpetual Calendar Watch with Blue Dial (SBCM015)

Two versions (SBCM017 and SBCM021) were provided with a strap made of Aramid fiber, an organic fiber similar to nylon. It has high strength and excellent durability, and is used in bulletproof vests and rider suits. The remaining watches featured titanium bracelet with double hook clasp.